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4/9/2006 7:14 pm

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Repunzel,Repunzel,let down your hair.So i can climb up and give you my air., Repunzel answers,oh my sweet Prince,i yearn for your sister,to taste her juices and make her quiver.The Prince responds Repunzel my whore my cock is enlarged,it's full of cum,and ready to charge.Repunzel laughs,oh my silly one,what i yearn for,is your sister's tongue.The Prince now embarrassed,only can he say,i'll bring her forth,if only for today.Repunzel licks her lips her pussy wet,oh my young fool,you'll bring her yet.The Prince is estactic and off he goes,only to come back with yet a whoe.Repunzel looks downward smiles in delight,send her up and i'll fuck her tonite.The Prince remains bottomless,only to jerk off, none the less.Repunzel requests bring forth your army,i'll take them all,and then you will see.The Prince sits back,debating his actions,only wanting to bring forth ejaculation.Oh Repunzel,your a whore and a slut.I'm standing here nude,and in a rut.Oh my sweet Prince your welcome to join,let's get it on,let's start to boing.The Prince is startled,his cock awakes,oh finally yes!!it's Repunzel i'll take.Repunzel let's down her long hair for her Prince to climb up on,but to his dispair.The hair that he climbs up on,is not from her head,but from a furry bush..instead.So he yearns to fuck her,no stone unturned,to quiver beneath her,to fill her with sperm.Oh this is a night in which they'll remember,a threesome and such,and still fucking later.As tongue's explore and juices flow,he still can't forget,that she's still a whore.Bring me your army your King, for it's him that i wish for, him to sing.Bring forth your sister,friends and all,i want to fuck them,fuck them all.To have them hold onto my breasts so bare,i need them to fuck me,to fuck me there.For i am the great slut,the slut of the valley.Bring them all forth,and that they shall see.........miss vixen xxxxxoooo..

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4/17/2006 8:53 am

(lol!) You are Sooooooo! bad! I loved it!

vixenslounge 49M/48F

4/17/2006 1:59 pm

Mmmmmmm,yes i know vixenflir......a naughty girl i am !!!!!!kisses miss vixen xxxooo.

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