Is Internet dating as taboo as it used to be?  

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3/15/2006 8:57 pm

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Is Internet dating as taboo as it used to be?

Years ago when internet dating began, people were terrified that other people that they knew would find out. I myself even told a whopper of a lie about how I met a certain guy in the late 90's because I somehow thought it was seen as less respectable.I mean let's be honest, we already take enough heat from friends and family about the choice in dates we sometimes have. Why add fuel to the fire?

I have become much more comfortable with acknowledging this option in the last year or two, but I feel that it is based on the reactions of others are less judgemental than in years past.

I am often asked why I pursue internet dating. I can't say that it is for a lack of dating opportunity as I have plenty of offers without it. However, diversity is the spice of life and I enjoy meeting all types of people. Using the internet allows me to branch out, sometimes to more urban areas nearby, to see what interesting people are out there.

So now I am curious as to what you think...

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