first time & anal douching!  

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8/25/2006 1:44 pm

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first time & anal douching!

Well, Sunday evenings the date, the countdowns begun. What am I talking about? Im finally going to do it, two firsts in one night.... my first couple and my first cock!

I am so very excited... can someone masturbate so much they do some damage lol Ive got to get some sleep tonight and tomorrow or else Ill be too tired to enjoy anything..

Ive decided to keep a blog charting my sexual exploration over the next few weeks... I intend to share some of my deepest, darkest fantasies and whether or not Ive made them come true - hopefully illustrated by copious photos and maybe a video or two .

Ive bought some sexy new outfits today and even gave myself a thourough anal doucheing using a turkey baster, a tip I picked up from a gay male friend of mine, Im nothing if not clean (and of course in the hope Ill be getting some thourough anal action this weekend!

Now, this is the first time Ive done an anal douche - help me out here, is it meant to feel so good? I had a thourougly good time and never knew just how much water one could squirt up their ass! i proceeded to use the turkey baster to give my ass a really good seeing to while masturbating and had an amazing orgasm! Am i hopelesly filthy?

So, to the couple Im seeing sunday *wink* you know who you are... Im very excited, horny and of course clean... I cant wait to suck, lick, finger your pussy while you suck on my clit and I get a cock shoved up my ass for the very first time... and Ive been thinking more on the question of sucking cock, I think I may well be up for it but Id need a lot of guidance! Im particularly looking forward to that double penetration with strap on and cock...mmmmmmmmm

Im still pretty nervous, but very up for it!

I fully intend to work my way round my network of lovely couples.... it may take some time but Im very determined! Im hoping to go to my first swingers party on the 19th sept - look forward to updateing you all on that..

Im now off to get some beauty sleep, hopefuly my filthy mind will stop working overtime and allow me to sleep!

Luv to all

Virgin Teritory xxx

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