Womens bigges fears....  

virgin_girl82 34F
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4/10/2006 4:30 am
Womens bigges fears....

Dear Man!
I would love to tell you that most girls are as easy to handle and understand as the Billy- bookcase from the Ikea collection, but I can't. Women are as dificult to understand as it seems like! Women think as mutch as the four women in Sex and the City combined! And if your girlfriend is'nt like that, she's a rare flower that needs to be taken care of and given a lot of water. If not, don't panic. Good advice is not rare! The reason for her being like that is probably because she is scared. Yes you read correct. And the things we fear most is:

That you are not interested:

If you are single and date girls, I havto say: Peace be with you, and good luck to you all! Because it's not easy. Single girls biggest fear is that the man she has just met really is'nt into her at all, but if she likes you? Well that doe'nt matter at all. She only want's to know if you are interested in her or not. That's the only thing that matters. So just say it like it is! If you don't want to see her again, tell her! Carve it out in wood or something, but this also replies when you want to see her again offcoure.

That she's no-good in bed:
If you wan't and she want's it, and you bouth end up in bed together, well yes, thats fear nr.2, - that she's no- good in bed!
Women is uneware of how (most) men don't care of that at all. She is going to worry herself to death thinking about it. So make it easyer, give a hint or two, so she don't havto wonder so mutch about it.

That you just want SEX:
She want's you to want sex with her all the time, but she worries that you want sex with her all the time! Confused? Yes I know, it can be. That you are interested in her as a person is obius, she knows, you just haveto show it.

That you are sheating on her:
Offcourse she's affraid of that, so are you! Scared that another man is going to take her away from you. She might trust you 300%, but still she will wonder where the HELL you have been if you're late one night. You might call this jealusi or not. No matter what you call it, hounesty is a good thing. So tell her where you have been before she asks, and don't lie.

If you know all of this, is as easy as baking a cake, right?

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