Don't get me started....  

virgin_girl82 34F
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4/3/2006 3:10 pm

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4/5/2006 3:16 pm

Don't get me started....

My favourite thing to to when I am togetter with a guy, is to kuddle, I'm not talking about sex at all. I like to kiss and touch him, joust beeing sensual without having sex. I feel like I get to know him better that way, maybee I'm wrong, but I think guys to like to kuddle. It surtenly seems like that.

I don't mind if he wants me in bed right away, but I like to wait a little. What's the rush?!? I think that two people haveto find out if they klick before they have sex, if they don't, then what's the reason for having sex other than beeing really horny!
You can spend s few hours together and find out what you like and have in common, and if you like each other. If you do, I see no problem with beeing together in an intimate way....

Most menn don't want sex on the first date, and if they found out that the woman want's it, they think shes a slut.... I really thought that it was the oposite, but I was wrong.

I find it difficult sometimes to know what menn wants. They are said to be easy, but what is easy? Yes they do think of sex everyday, all day long, but it does not mean that they are easy. Youst take the way someone kiss! A french-kiss can be different in many ways, someone like to put theire whole tunge down someones mouth, other liker to tunge-role theire way to a french-kiss, and other wants to use theyr tunge on the lips before they move on, and maybee they want you to suck it too.... so a kiss is so different, then how about the sex!!! So don't get me started! But all in all, I think it's important to agree on when the right time is for ewerything, and not youst sex.

For me sex is not the most important thing in this world, but for other it is. It may seem like I don't like sex now, but I do. What I think it's the hardest ting is when meeting someone new, is knowing what they want! Are they just after sex, do they want a realtionship, what's innit for them??? I know I ask way too many questions when I meet someone new, but I want to know if they want the same thing as I do. What I wonder is what guys think?!? I've heard guys say that they really like my ass, I on the other hand hate it, so I don't belive them (my ass looks like a huge black ass, you know the one I'm talking about!).

I signd in here on AdultFriendFinder because I like everyone else in here would like to meet someone. I don't mean a boyfriend at first, but someone to kuddle with. We all need to kuddle, need love, need to feel on top of the world, so do I.

Then what is my conclution, or what do I want to achive by writing this?!? Actually I don't know, what do you think?

SleepY752 41M
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4/4/2006 6:47 am

I want to kuddle And yes ur ass is great (y). But u a woman with deeeep thought and thats cool

dodekan 48M
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4/5/2006 2:18 pm

You are right of course.
I've often felt that woman are less cuddly than me. They are often very focused on the orgasm. Maybe because its harder for them to obtain orgasm, I don't know.
I like the desire most. And love to slowly build up the desire and lust for each other, instead of rushing for satisfaction and orgasm.

As with all things in life, do not stress, think nice thoughts and you to will be happy.


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7/21/2006 12:23 pm


jada169 48M

8/3/2006 2:39 pm

well i like your opinnion and see your point. so dont give up on it yet

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