5 myths about SEX (That you should know about)!  

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4/10/2006 5:00 am

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5 myths about SEX (That you should know about)!

He want's you to keep your teeth far away from his private areas as posible!

You might get suprised by this, but guys generally do like to be bitten down there (as long as it does'nt hut).

He does not want to get married if you are active in bed.

Okey. We live in 2006 now. Girls don't havto act like angels in bed! And guys like women to be strong, sexy and sure of themselves in bed!

Guys love to make out like crazy.

You might think that guys like to kiss with as muth tounge as possible!?! Not so strange, if you think back to your first kiss? Take a nervous 14 year old that only does thing halfway. Many have experienced the biggest bear wash that there is, but that's not the way guys like it.

Men don't like you to use your hand on them.

It says it all, doe'nt it? Guys use their hands, they like hands, yourse too! As long as you know what you are doing!

Guys wan't to come as quiqly as posible

This can't be right!?! Because motst guys say that the longer they wait, the better the resoult is. The problem might be that he is so turned on by you he can't hold back.

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4/10/2006 5:46 am

5 hubby has that problem

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