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5/5/2006 12:07 am

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As I sit here
before you,
your soul in
mere words

As I see you
through your fingers,
my own reflection
becomes clear.

I can look and smile
but no,not turn
and look away,
or click to other
pages, or be done
with this today.

My thoughts now
completly shattered,
as I gaze into
this mirror.

What kind of person
wrote this,
what thread do
we both share.

How could I not
be touched by this,
my soul speeled out
before my eyes.

In your question
you have touched me
chased out my

Im not sure how
you did this,
the answer is not
very clear.

Some how seeing my own
reflection in someone elses
cares,reminds me that
lonelyness we all share.

I to need to thank you,
every one who blogs here.
This is where I find my self,
reflected in your mirror.

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