why do i do it?  

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1/1/2006 4:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

why do i do it?

but beofre i go on bout my new year's eve thing, i hope you all had a happy christmas, haunaka(sorry bout spelling) and anything elsde you all celebrated.

so new year's eve, All my homies and friends, we drop bout 60bucks and we go all out, jagermeister with redbull, bacardi 151 and if you've had any experiance with this shit, you know one bottle is good enough to get bout 6-8 people shitface. mix of beer, amereto with OJ. some other things i can't rember at the moment.

so its bumpin, where all havin a good time, till my big guy friend steven gets wasted, one too many 151 shots, this guy is about 350pounds, so when he gets drunk he gets drunk. so this mutha fucka gets trashed. other people have gone off to the other rooms start fuckin and shit. while im sittin watchin family guy this guy starts getin depressed, complainin he won't ever meet no girl. i try and be the good friend talk him out of it, he gets up wants to go outside, in my my head, fuck that he gonna get po-lice called on our drunk ass's. so im tryin to deter him and get his ass somewhere else so he can pass the fuck out. but he gets movin, no way in hell am i stopppin him. fast track a bit, where outside, im tryin to talk his ass back in. i head back in get a girl to come outside to mellow him out, and make him feel loved. so they shitty but yet funny. magicaly we get his 350pound body up some stairs, this was called a holy fuckin shit batman, we did it. then it gets shitty, 2 steps away he trips and falls, HE FALLS on the girl who is talkin back inside. where thinkin her nose is broken, cause man was it bleedin and it was puffy and infalmed like a christmas tree light, the big ones. after he starts to cry on how he hurt a girl. he's inside sittin still cryin, but now he starts pukin. this where it gets interesting, earlier that night we had bout 5pounds of hot wings from little caeser's. it all came back to haunt him. plus the guy is a diabetic, so drinkin in the first place was'nt that great of a idea. durning this whole time i was bitchin cause i was out of smokes, and dealin with this fat-ass while everyone else getin pussy. yet our sober driver was already gone, and he took all of our keys. so im diggin through ash-tray's collectin tobacco,(i had zig-zags in my wallet, forgot i had them till that moment, i was like god-send hehehehehe) so after bout 20min of pickin and rollin and 2 jagerbombs later i get me a half-assed drunk rolled ciggerette rolled. it was fuckin shitty it was all loose and i go to flick the ashes and i loose the cherry. i mfinally fall asleep so does he then everythin is great. i wake up, no hang-over which was a plus, went to huddle house and got me a waffle and eggs, and damn was it good.

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