the story behind my name  

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12/13/2005 7:13 pm

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the story behind my name

Comin from Phx, Az i came up with a life lesson i learned early on, dont anyone know your last name, thts how they trace ya and thts when you get fucked up walkin to school, not that i did bad shit it was'nt your average afterschool program. Then my world goes to hell, parents divorce, dad ditches two kids leaves to New york, mom can't afford phx no more, so i end up in Good ole westplains MO. "home of the hillbilly" took a week to understand what the hell the teachers where talkin, im sayin there dialect was strong.

So here i am husky city kid, baggy pants, backwards cap, to hillybilly's, overall's, and cowboy hats. it was a hell of a change at 17.

To all that read look up "Zizzer" and if you find the meaning please tell me, i graduated a zizer and nevah knew what the hell it was. 1 reason i never played football, no way i was going from a Bulldog to a "zizzer". but nuff with that side story.

Couple months have passed i've made some freinds, found a new couple best freinds "151" and "Everclear" my poisen's of choice still, but was just introduced to jager a couple weeks back, its a damn good drink, specially with redbull. sheesh got me sidetracked i got some new friends and i guess its southern hospitality but when i met them they all wanted to know my last name, comin from where i did, no way in hell was i gonna tell them my lastname off the bat cause if they knew it then they can place me and i don't wanna be placed when people start askin , guess its my trust and respect factor. You had to earn the right to learn my lastname, so i told them "Paul the little bridge boy" there all like WTF? is that, without a beat i said "my name to you". since then i've had the nickname "bridge Boy". I mean they eventually found out my lastname but bridge boy has stuck with me.

so ther is my first post, hope it was interesting to yall.

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