mabey they do come back  

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12/14/2005 8:45 pm

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mabey they do come back

back when i was still in school, i saw the girl, she was all that i ever needed. she was in my creative design class, so i talked to her, mindless flirting. after a while i finally got the balls to talk to her, i asked her. let me tell ya it takes alot for me to ask any girl out, specialy if im sober. nearly shit my self she said yes. ok after our little date of pool hall and pizza, i ask if we can do this again, she said no. she told me she always dates a guy once and told me this would'nt work. heartbroken and embarresd. i took her home. i still stayed friends with her but that was just it

fast forward to after graduation she still in school and im gone.

so im sittin in my basement just shillin after getin off work. a knock on my door, i look and holy shit its her. after 7-8 months she comes to ME. we talked and chilled, it was good shit, she tells me whats up and tell her what i've been doin since i got out of school. then before she goes she wants me to come to her party. damn stright im down wit that.

guess i did something right that night on that so far past.

damn it feels good

-Bridge Boy

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