Female - the weirdest species  

versano 38M
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7/21/2006 7:04 am
Female - the weirdest species

I still could remember some 8 years ago when I was in high school. This girl in another classroom used to smile at me whenever we bump into each other. During recess, exercise class, school clubs, etc. u name it!! The smile she gave was seductive...to me anyway. So I swallowed my pride one fine day and asked if she liked me. She said yes...but she's already got bf, and that's that. She can just smile at me and nothing more. Duh!!?? What was that!! I dun understand???
Then in my second college year, I met this cutie but this time we hit it off faster than a speeding bullet. We would have wild sex in my rented apartment, in shower, in hall area. We would rent hotel rooms and do it all day/nite long. We'll go to resorts far away and do it again. Not to mention in my car, and her house when her parents are away. I didn't know whether this was love or pure lust. When I had to go for further studies, we broke off faster than speeding bullet train...no hard feelings kinda, sort of.
Thus my university life started. After some time, met this hot honey. Shorter in height than I expected but heavenly body. We would go to cafeteria together, meet during lunch breaks, ask each other what time our classes ends today, what to do later on, watch movies, go club hopping, even passionately kiss and hug each other. But nothing ever happened. No love nor sex. It also just ended like finger's snap when we graduated, altho' far but still in contact till today.
Now, I mean at present time...yet another girl is confusing me with her mixed signals. She's my colleague. She says she has a bf. Yet she comes to see me in my room at least 15-20 times a day and chit chat about stuff. Then she says lets go for midnite movie this weekend, and after movie go for late nite food. I mean....what bout'your bf??
So u see all, I can't understand this funny mixed or truncated signals these gals r giving me. How would I know if they want to have an intimate relationship with me. I would surely know if they just want sex...but its love I'm talking bout'.
ADVICE ME....Gals would only know how their own species behaves!!!!

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