MFM's and Language Barriers  

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9/12/2005 10:08 am

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MFM's and Language Barriers

Recently, I have started talking to the husband of a couple whom I have not heard from in over a year. We met through this site. Our regular albeit few meetings were great in the past, but since the wife cannot speak much of any the languages of which I am fluent in, the husband acts not only as a voyeur when we get together, but also as an interpreter, too. We are all planning on meeting again sometime. I must admit...I am somehow getting more excited by this prospective sex than I may otherwise be.

I would like to get some comments from those whom have had sex with somebody when there was a language barrier. If so, was the sex just once, or on a regular basis? (If you are a sailor of the seven seas or sex tourist reading this, please spare me your stories of visiting brothels in foreign lands! I have already read plenty of stories like that.)

Was the language barrier much of an issue which affected the sex for either you or the other person?

Conversely, was body language, nonverbal communication, and the "universal language of love/lust" enough to suffice?

2muchwoman4some 41F

10/29/2005 9:05 am

hiya Veng - I think we talked about this once at my kitchen table when I was telling you about how surprisingly odd I found sex with a deaf man. Do you remember? I think the same sort of thing applies with language...and it definitely does change the whole experience, yes. All of the universals are there, but some of the things that I didn't even realize the significance of lacked: responses on his part to things I whispered, any kind of dirty talk was different, having the lights on was important and not just for mood...all that.

It's a good question, I'm interested to hear what happened/happens.

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