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1/24/2006 6:54 am

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if a man wants you,
nothin' can keep him away...
if he doesn't,
nothin' can make him stay

never let him know everything...
he will use it against you later.

he's a man,
nothin' more, nothin' less

you should never look for
someone to complete you,
a relationship consists
of two whole individuals

make him miss you sometimes,
when a man always knows where you are
and know that you're readily available,
he will take you for granted.

they say it takes a minute
to find a special someone,
an hour to appreciate,
a day to love,
and an entire lifetime to cherish

rm_88869trashy 52M
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4/9/2007 12:59 am

Very true indeed that was soo true and real thanks for sharing

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