Let the Fantasizing Begin: The Blindfold  

velvetnsilk88 36F
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10/3/2005 9:52 am

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5/21/2006 8:59 am

Let the Fantasizing Begin: The Blindfold

The blindfold is an interesting little piece of cloth or leather or whatever you prefer to use covering someone's eyes. I have tons of fantasies which have me blindfolded. The sense of trust you have in the person who blindfolds you has to be strong but the feeling of vulnerability and surprise is awesome.

My favorite fantasy regardign a blindfold is this:

I've come over and you say you have a surprise for me. The house is candlelit and I have no idea what it could be. You then slide a blindfold over my eyes for no peeking. I'm lead to what I can only assume is a bedroom as you have lain me across a bed. My clothing is slowly peeled off of me and your fingers cause tingling sensations wherever they brush skin. You tie me up gently with a little room for movement to something. I can't see anything. Everything is quiet.

My whole body is flushed and tingling. I begin to hear muffled steps and then I can feel a hand or hands touching me. Breath on my skin. I'm completley vulnerable and being used so gently its wonderful. Every touch is heighten.

Well it goes on from there. Anyone wanna guess to where?

mattpoplar69 42M
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10/3/2005 7:05 pm

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regimental_kilt 39M
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10/5/2005 12:47 pm

You should try throwing in a pair of headphones channeling white noise. The sensory deprivation leaves you with almost nothing but scent and touch to work with, along with a chance for your lover to surprise you.

rm_bigwall52 64M
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11/6/2005 11:45 am

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