SO how is it  

velvethandsNZ 68M
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4/20/2006 12:42 am

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5/22/2006 1:03 pm

SO how is it

that there are such nice people on here with such inappropriate profiles?

I mean

I read the blog, look at the profile, and scratch my head in wonder.

I read the comments on a blog, look at the profile, and scratch my head in wonder

I get and read a PM, read the profile, and scratch my head in wonder,

No wonder my mind in wondering

No wonder my hair is nearly all gone!

NiceGuyMush 46M

4/20/2006 2:03 pm

I agree about the profiles
Certainly people are more themselves in a blog or a comment, I think because they have ton write for longer so it becomes a truer representation of who they are

- may be

- man thats bloody deep for Friday morning!

bulging_boy 49M

5/6/2006 6:34 am

I gave up reading profiles a *long* time ago.

Profiles are in most cases some paint by numbers bullshit or an I can't be arsed, I'll just type in some random crap to get my profile accepted.

Or maybe it is a real profile.


In which case, they usually aren't anything like that.

Do I sound cynical?


velvethandsNZ replies on 5/22/2006 1:04 pm:
not too cynical

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