Vanilla or chocolate swirl?  

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7/1/2006 5:05 pm

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Vanilla or chocolate swirl?

Does vanilla sex do it for anyone anymore? Does this make me strange or twisted that it just donesn't thrill me lest I have an emotional bond with my partner to make the event more inspiring?

Let me give you an idea. Some of the following scenarios are fantasies and some are realities. Let's just say I'm one of those experimental girls

The first- Several years back I met a man at the Vogue in Seattle. We sat on the couches in the front of the club chatting about experimenting with bdsm. I had met him originally when i was 18 at one of the fetish clubs in the area that sadly no longer exists, as have many in Seattle. So we're chatting and the hands slide up my thighs and he pulls me up onto his lap. I must admit he's very alternative looking as he was the inspiration for me getting my septum piercing (it was hot I tell you) He them proceeds to kiss me in a passionate way that I feel I have not been kissed like in forever. Funny how those simple little pleasures get lost when you swing and are in the lifestyle merely for the physical gratification. I lost all sense of time of reality. I was excitred to have this man playing with my body in ways I had forgotten. It had been a while at this point, by my choice. And the thrill was only enhanced by our exhibitionistic behaviour. The club announced its closing and so we left and walked down Broadway and the reason we had met up again after years apart came into play. breath control. Asphyxiation. The mere thought of it in my head, the word whispered across my lips puts a sense of excitement in me that leaves me wanton and anticipating. He showed me varying techniques and just when I thought our evening was to be over he shoved me up against a brick wall wrapped his hands around my throat and placed his body against mine. Grasping at him, tearing at his body as the endorphins rush through my body the warmth of this intoxicating sensation sends me over the edge in a climax I'll never forget (and I won't caus I just don't climax often) and he releases my throat to pull out his cock and hike up my skirt before thrusting it inside of me and raising me off the ground. Rough sex has always been a bit of a thrill for me, just not all the time. So there we are fucking in an alley with his hands around my throat, which is a benefit cause I'm a vocal one, while drunken club and bar goer's are going to Dick's for food to sober up. It was one of those moments I'll never forget which I am hoping to one day repeat.

The second- I'm alone in a room with another woman and the attraction is obvious between the two of us. But she's so shy and innocent that dirty agressive female in me takes control and I go up to her. Running my hands all over her and watching her react to my every touch just excites me further. I lay her across the table and remove her panties. Running my hads up to her pussy lips and caressing them softly I watch her shudder over and over again. The whimpers turn to moans and then turn to cries. Excited at her vocal approval of my minstrations I find my mouth against her clit, running my tongue across every little part of her, breathing in the aroma of her arousal that I'm unaware that a man who has been secretly watching could no longer contain himself as he comes up behind me and thrusts his cock into my pussy. He fucks me hard and the harder he fucks me the more aggressive I become with my girl underneath me. We pressour bodies together. Clit rubbing against clit and we writhe against each other in a masturbation of bodies as the man goes back and forth between fucking this other woman and myself. over and over we go. Orgasm after orgasm. The scent of sex and sweat heavy in the room but it's amazing. It's fantastic and I would gladly welcome more people so that all at all times can enjoy this build up of intense pleasure just to release it to those around them.

I could go on and on with wild little stories I've been involved in or fantasies I think about when I masturbate. perhaps I'll make this my weekly fantasy installment. get others thoughts and opinions and just share share share. Cause that's what makes the human psyche so enthralling to me.

Until next time....

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flyfloridaguy 35M
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7/3/2006 8:34 am

damn....good story. i'll stay tuned.

gurl72369 47F

7/9/2006 2:52 pm be the girl on the table... mmmm

Must have been difficult for those drunk club-goers to pass up the show but Dick's does rock.

BeauxGirlsMopey 43M
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7/15/2006 4:29 am

you are a wonderful and wicked person and that is turely a awesome combination in my opinion. The imagination gives rise to reality.. and reality just is an extention of imatination.. So I dont mind it at all if you share your stories at all Wish i were the guy that was hiding in the shadows.. observing you take the innocence of your timid prey. But that my friend is a story for another day..

naturalgirl23 31F

4/15/2009 2:51 pm

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