Riddle me this  

velvetgrrrl 39F
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7/8/2006 5:03 pm

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3/13/2007 2:01 pm

Riddle me this

I have been contemplating for a while why I continue to come here. I go to the chat room and correspond. I write the emails and send them out, usually to the creative ones who give me a glimpse beyond the big bad hard cock. rolling eyes in exasperated amusement And lately I've become a bit of a cam whore, showing glimpses of my self in all my glory for those why dare to see if the profile is true (as it is yet to be updated) so "Yes" I'm a funny girl and "No" my dick is not permanent it was merely a test to which I'll blog on later. In the Pacific NW we have a lot of greets, parties, etc to get to know people and what I'm trying to figure out is what more can I do to show people I'm interested in having a good time and yet have a good time on a semi regular basis. Why do these men complain that no one ever meets them and yet when they have made the accomplished visit of getting together they don't show, call, email or anything to let their "date" know they have chosen to pass on the one thing that is a constant unpleasantry for them with AdultFriendFinder.

So riddle me this...why do people complain and yet bail? Aren't we all here for the same intended purposes? Don't we all have a similar interest? What more can I do to show every little detail about me and get what I want and ultimately what you want out of this sexual experience? Any and all insight, experiences whatever would be helpful as I become more and more exasperated I find myself less and less interested in getting laid or continuing to frequent this swinger's site. And I just don't like that much[/

Hell is when u should have walked away, but u didn't.

BeauxGirlsMopey 43M
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7/15/2006 4:12 am

I dont think its something i really am an expert on but then, who is?? I personally wish i had the oppertunity to even meet you in person let alone be able to go home w/ you in my wildest dreams. I think its cuz that some guys can be intimidated .. not by you or your choices in life style.. just about women in general. I personally like outspoken women that can be who they are 24/7 and not like .. oh im that way one sec.. im that way the next. YOU seem to me the former. ever since ive "stumbled" upon you as a person and a "cam whore" (personally i think i missed thouse moments cuz all i seen was cleavage ) but in the short chats we had in the room i found you to be a very desirable and likeable woman.. So if some guys have been able to meet you in person, get to know you a lil are just dumbasses that can appritiate a wonderful woman like you. Id surely hate to ever have the thought of you lose interest in the thing that every human being craves (even if its repressed .. freeking "morals" ) I only complain i sent out bunches of emails to local women and a few do respond but end up being just talk.. i got a yahoo friend list full of women i met off here.. yet only maybe 4 out of 11 even chat. and of all thouse i only met one woman that is turnign out to be a good friend and good.. well you know "buddie" So dont get discouraged PLEASE! cuz who knows when i win the lottery id take you out to dinner and hate for you to not be interested on a maybe later on..

rm_Blueyes0804 45M

7/18/2006 5:08 pm

Some of the ways to describe a bit of what I am feeling sometimes is to reveal myself to everyone. I am hidden in many ways and I like to be intense with only a few people. Then when we are alone together that thrill comes back and it is like the time will never be the same.


HoaryCronySlimy 35M
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7/22/2006 12:53 pm

If I had to offer an answer to that question, I would have to say that Men complain and then bail out of Fear. Whether it be fear of rejection, imprisonment, or failure.

This is probably why Men will persue someone/something vigorously untill the time comes to "lay their cards on the table", then they run away because they are afraid that there really isn't anything they can offer a woman once the mystery begins to fade.

It is a tough question, that is for sure!

Your friend,


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8/4/2006 6:25 pm

why do people complain and yet bail?

It's the people you choose or the people who are choosing you.

Simple as that.

I can only speak for myself, but when I pursue someone and the interest is reciprocated, I do meet them to find out of there is chemistry or not.

That's me, I can't speak for other men.

Aren't we all here for the same intended purposes?

Not necessarily. I think most guys are here strictly for sex. I am not. I'm a personal trainer and if it was just about sex I could get that easily. I'm looking for something more.

Don't we all have a similar interest?

Possibly. Not necessarily.

What more can I do to show every little detail about me and get what I want and ultimately what you want out of this sexual experience?

Perhaps you should start looking for guys on the blogs so you can get a better idea of what qualities they possess instead of relying on meets. You have to start branching out instead of relying on people to come to you.


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

rm_crgruready 40M
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3/11/2007 11:14 pm

I can only say that the matter is subjective to the person who bailed and relative to the situation.

Relative to the situation is in the moments; I cannot touch on it.

as a matter of principle, my beautiful, crafty deviant, I would not stand you up unless it a matter of absolute necessity; life, death, or someone in need of a living impairment, but even then I would call and, in all probability, atleast offer to have you tag along but be ambivalent to the point of numbness in regard to your choice; should I stay or should I go now?...

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