Dreams desires fantasies or premonitions?  

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4/20/2005 12:35 pm

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Dreams desires fantasies or premonitions?

So here’s the situation. It is a dark room with pillows off in one corner, a post in the middle of the room with some hooks hanging near it, a cross on the opposite side of the room, and hundreds of candles lit all around.

You lead me into the room one hand clasping gently mine the other carrying a dozen roses. I am clad in a an old fashioned corset with the garters connected which lead down to some old lined stockings and very high heeled shoes. My hair is tied up to allow access to my neck and my wrists are bound to cuffs with rings so I might be hooked to something later.

Attaching my arms around the post to the hooks that are on the other side I find myself hugging the post. Resting my cheek against the post awaiting what you will do first. You step close to me telling me how much I want you and what you are about to do to me. Then grab the dozen roses, complete with thorns, and start beating me with them. As if the roses were a flogger. Over and over the thorns claw into my back like scratches from an animal I gasp and twist as you continue. “more” you hear me whisper as strangers’ eyes watch on from behind the candles. You get excited at the thought and pound harder into my back. Rose petals falling all around us like a morning mist.

When the rose petals have all fallen to the ground you grab a knife sitting just beyond the candles and bring it over towards me. Running it lightly across my back I twist from the burning and sensitivity of something running across my already red, slightly bloodied back. Then you take the knife and run it up my stocking legs I start to get shaky from the sensations however my legs spread to allow you more access to the inner part of my thighs. You take advantage of this running it up my inner thighs, watching as I shake, then running the knife ever so lightly across my lips. If I wasn’t chained up I surely would have fallen as my legs temporarily give out. I swing for a moment as I try to regain my balance and you laugh softly at it all. Then wrapping one arm around my neck your teeth lightly graze my ear as the hand with the knife runs across the arteries and veins in my neck. I moan. You ask if I want more and all I can do is nod as I’m sure my voice was unable to cooperate. I feel you getting hard against my backside and it excites me more and I moan again eyes closed as I let the sensations of your teeth and the knife take control.

You then turn the knife around so you are holding the blade and you run it down between my legs and insert it inside me. me with this deadly object. I lose the strength in my legs as I fall back against you and you violate me with this foreign object. I shudder and shake against. Your excitement, obvious and growing, finally builds me up to a climax, in front of all these strangers as I cum all over the blade’s handle and your fingers. You then set the knife down, come back hold me and stroke my hair as I seem exhausted, barely able to hold myself up but doing so as I have no choice as my hands are bound to hooks in the ceiling. You detach my wrists and hands from the hooks in the ceiling thereby releasing me form the pull and gently take me over to the pillows and lie me down. You then grab a candle and come over to me. A strange light in your eyes as you then drip the hot wax onto my thighs and my breasts and around my neck. I twist in a state of turmoil as the wax burns, hardens and cools on my skin. You chuckle softly as you remove each hardened piece of wax from my body. Licking each reddened piece of skin causing a slight shuddering through my body. As you remove the wax between my thighs you notice tightness in my body and no audible breath coming. “Breathe,” you say and I let that breath I had been holing out in a rush of air. You then remove the wax and lick your way up to my center flicking sharply against my clit. I moan, and the growing excitement within the audience becomes apparent as the air electrifies around us.

I struggle against your mouth, trying to escape and wanting more. You hold me down, as you make sure I cum a second time before we progress to the next stage, I struggle. I fight. I attempt to escape and yet nothing works as you gently, but firmly hold me in place. I gasp and those gasps grow louder. Gasping to moans. Moans to cries, Cries to screams as I fight the urge to cum and then surrendering as my body shakes and the release becomes eminent, as you taste what is surely my orgasm on your tongue.

You gently help me to my feet again and lead me over to the cross, hooking my restraints through the holds in the cross. Placing me in a crucified pose. You look at me. My eyes are glazed with desire and pure, lust and terror at what you will do next. You kiss me softly. Then spread my legs to allow your hands access to my innermost parts. You undo the buttons on your pants allowing yourself access to me in a most animalistic way.

Harder and harder you drive into me and yet I cannot pull you closer as my arms are outstretched on the cross so I can only take it. Feeling a violation I turn and struggle but it does no use. I’m chained to the cross. Forced to endure the torment which is the final orgasm in which we will both share that moment on the edge in front of prying eyes. I feel you tighten as you are about to cum and it triggers my own orgasm. My muscles squeeze tightly on your cock forcing you to lose your own control as you cum inside. We continue through it till we are both at that quiet in the eye of a hurricane. You release me and wrap your arms around my waist pull me close and kiss me as a wind blows through the room extinguishing out all the candles’ flames.

Hell is when u should have walked away, but u didn't.

rm_49erDee 67M

4/20/2005 3:02 pm

Whew! I need a cold shower.

lupon_69 43M

4/21/2005 6:09 pm

wow you tell the best store, thanks so very much @~>~

jagermonger 38M

4/29/2005 1:50 pm

Stick it in. Rip the Skin. Carve and Twist. Torn Flesh. From Behind. I Cut her Crotch. In her Ass I Stuck my Cock. Killing as I Cum.

starsoflife 43M/45F
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5/3/2005 12:38 am

...and in the half-light and shadow of the once-lit room, you realize I posess you in a way you've ne'er allowed another to do. You are weak, and conscious thought comes slowly, unwillingly. The warm air of the night's storm washes over us as stones in a river; completely and caringly, yet charged with an electric aura paled by our own euphoric state.

You speak slowly, breathlessly and faltering, want for the words to fit the desire your body aches with. I pull away, and draw to the window, smoke from my cigarette wafts in gentle curls of opaque ribbon into the room. You know what that desire is now, it was so obvious... you must posess me as I do you. Whole and complete, no compunctions, no reservations.

You gather yourself up, and stride toward me as I drag on, and stare at the storm-laiden sky. You take my cigarette from my hand and toss it to the storm. You're ready to take me and posess me, now.

rm_firmhands4 63M

8/8/2005 5:51 am

Have to take the time to enjoy - but my strong hands would aid in your delight and my firmhands4 and a yell will sustain your enjoyment

kestrelsbad 57M

9/29/2005 9:58 am

God that sounds familiar *efg* I love knife play haing done things very like that.(yeah yeah I'm a bad, dirty oldman AND a perv, so?) I think you story is quite hot, might be even better in stocks though more ... choices for your "ritualistic" use...

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