An Introduction in Terror  

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8/6/2006 12:02 pm

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An Introduction in Terror

So first let's start with the pleasantries

How do you do and shake hands.....That's manners!
I'm velvet welcome to my blog. I recently determined I enjoy blogging a bit more than the chatrooms so I've wandering the archives of demented, depraved, lusty, original and simply amusing souls and minds

SO I'm going to divulge a little about my experiences, wants, desires, fantasies and just general overviews on what I've seen and experienced from others as I've been on this Wild Ride of A F F.

I started on here three maybe even four years ago as a bisexual woman looking for a girlfriend as I had a boyfriend at the time. And as any red blooded texan male was, was thrilled at the idea of his girlfriend letting him sleep with other women or two women at once. Hey I'm open. I'm for the most part mature. I think lust and love can be differentiated if both parties remain adult and know where the endings lie. So we looked for a woman. The mythical unicorn as it were. Finding those single bi women who were interested in couples becoming an increasing impossibility we boradened our horizons to include couples. So we found our luck might have finally changed and althought e process was slow and steady eventually (Hallelujah!) we met a couple we "clicked with. great people we would go out together, we would have fun in and out of the bedroom with them. Overall it seemed we had finally met our match. Then it seemed for me and the male half of the other couple that things were not so groovy in wonderland anymore. Our significant others were spending and increasingly (and dare I say alrmingly) large amount of time with each other and it was beginning to set off the "What the Fuck?!?" alarm. So they were eac approached by us respectively and the result was Wham! Bam! Kaplam! directly between the eyes. They decided we were selfish, manipulative, evil and generally just not any fun and we were officially (gasp) DUMPED
(High Pitched shriek of terror)

Now I ask you has that been a fear of any you couples? Or those of you attached to another? Do you fear your other will find someone else? Have you thought someone you have chosen to swing or play with seems better to you than what you have already? This is a terror many face when looking into this. Insecurities strong within some of us and others thinking we get to have our cake and eat it to. What have you, my readers, chosen to do to insure your current relations stay in tact? has it worked....I eagerly await insight into this

Hell is when u should have walked away, but u didn't.

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