Erotica...Fights, Storms, Rainbows  

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Erotica...Fights, Storms, Rainbows

The Fight"

I can see the dark storm clouds moving in from the West, and they mirror the mood in our house tonite. The air feels heavy and thick with silence, suffocating us, as we start to argue. The room becomes smaller, the walls closing in. The tension hangs thickly over our heads, a lightning bolt building up energy waiting to strike.

Both of us filled and churning with pain and anger. Our emotions and words rush out of control. Like a car racing downhill, adrenaline and momentum gathers until God grants us a sane moment …and we stop…screeching to a halt.

The windows rattle and pictures bounce as you leave slamming the door. The sound echos through the empty house. My heartbeat is pounding, rocking and shaking my body.

You have gone for a walk on the beach and I go stand under a hot shower. I lean back against the cold tile letting my tears flow with the water down the drain. We have gone to our separate corners.

You are walking barefoot, stomping your prints into the cold, wet sand. The roar of the ocean drowns out your angry mumbles. The Moon, cool, calm, benevolent and feminine produces waves that are hypnotic and soothing….erasing your dark mood.

I have cried all the tears my body can produce. I walk out of the bathroom shrouded in steam, too tired to even towel dry. I am exhausted and empty. I am too weak for anything but collapsing across the bed. The wind blowing in chills my naked, wet flesh but even pulling the blanket up requires too much effort at this point. So, I just lay shivering my mind stuck in Re-play until God has mercy and lets me drift to sleep.

I didn't hear you come home, didn't feel you lay next to me. I woke when I felt you tuck a blanket around my cold shaking body. We lay quiet, your hand brushing back my hair. Your rough finger tips tracing the marks left on my face by tears and pain. I lifted the blanket and pressed my body to yours. Your body feels Hot against mine as we hold each other tight and fierce.

Fresh tears flow and we kiss them from each others eyes. Whispered apologies get lost in each others mouth. Our embrace tightens, our kisses turn harder, desperate, more passionate and aggressive as we take possession. Soon soft moans become demanding growls.

I rip at your shirt and pull it roughly over your head. You roll to your back and pull me on top of you. My breasts feel cool as they press against your warm chest. I raise your arms above your head, our hands squeezing tightly, fingers laced as I grind my hips against yours. You move your hands down my back and grab my ass when I start to rub and roll against the hardened rod beneath your jeans.

The storm is here now, building, raging. The curtains blow inward with the smell of rain and ozone. Lightening flashes and the thunder rumbles deep, vibrating thru our bodies. The intensifying storm posesses us...and we are matching its fury. We are going to fuck each other. Take each other, leaving Nothing unfucked. Punish each other with sex until we can't fuck anymore.

It is going to be a long night. When the storm passes we will love slow, love new and fresh, explore and worship each others body...make offerings...tasting and touching each inch of the body (altar) that we adore.

Chapt 2 "The Storm"

Thunder shakes the house as you growl and roll me off and onto my back. You lean over me, your eyes have turned dark and are inches from mine as I feel your hand move between my legs spreading my thighs roughly apart. You hold my quivering pussy in your hand and Tell me "This Is Mine" "Belongs to Me" "Is "MINE" and I whisper back "Yes it is" "Take it."

You can feel me becoming slick beneath the palm of your hand, feel the heat building and coming off me in waves. You move off the bed, standing at my feet, never removing your hand from what you have claimed…your possession is now throbbing, aching, and seeping into your fingers.

You grab my ankles and drag me toward you. Reaching one hand behind my neck you pull me to sit up as you slip the fingers of your right hand inside my dripping hot slit. You Tell me Forcefully "This is Mine"

You start to undo the buttons of your jeans with your left hand. The back of your hand brushes against my lips as it moves its way down. Your freed cock springs forward bobbing against my forehead...I can feel the wet trail of pre-cum it leaves behind. You take your cock in hand rubbing and rolling it against my face smearing your pre-cum into my skin like a lotion...strands of my hair stick to my face and cling to the head and shaft of your cock.

I move my hands lightly up the insides of your thighs and take your hard, tight, swollen balls into my hands...squeezing, pulling, kneading, and rolling them beneath my fingers.

I slide off the bed, sitting on the floor my hands at your hips...thumbs stroking your hip bones, fingers pressing into the sides of your ass.

You are stroking your raging, growing hardon, wrapping it with my hair...stroking it with blond you feel my hot tongue licking at your balls...sucking them into my hungry mouth...I love the way they taste, the way they feel ..hard but pliable...rolling inside my mouth against the insides of my cheeks and on my tongue as they press against the roof of my mouth.

I suck your balls, then let them slip out and run my tongue and fingers over them. When my fingers become slick I suck your balls back into my mouth and slide my slick, wet, tracing fingers from your balls to your ass...and make slow wet circles there around that tight sensitive hole.

You untangle your sticky cock from my hair. Grabbing a handful of my hair you pull my head back until I am looking up at you. My hand is still squeezing your balls and fingers are giving feather lite traces around your ass. You keep your hand in my hair...holding my head firm as you take your stiff hard cock by the base and start to slap it against my face… You press into my closed eyes..I can feel your balls and hairs tickle against my chin. You roll the slick, leaking head across my lips giving me a brief taste. I'm so hungry for you and try to take you in my mouth but you pull back from me...pulling my hair tighter you ask "Do you want my cock"? "Yessssss" I tell you. "Beg me for this cock" you say. and I do "Please baby, I Need your cock" "I want to taste you" "It is Mine, give it to me" "Fuck my mouth" and as the "Now" dies on my lips I feel the head push into my mouth and taste you on my tongue. I close my eyes and suck, and groan, loving the taste, the texture of your cock....the way it Fills my mouth.

Your hands are behind my head, and your ass is in my hands...together we pull what we hold and fuck my mouth..thrusting...slamming in fast and furious ...sliding, pressing agaisnt the back of my throat..choking...I cant do anything but relax, leaving my mouth open as you pump your cock in and out like a piston.

When I am out of breath you stand me up and turn me to face the bed with you standing behind me. Your left hand reaches around to hold and squeeze my breast..pinching and twisting at the hardened nipple as you bite down lightly on my right shoulder. Your cock hard and insistent presses against my ass.

I bend over and get on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed. You shift your hips down and press your cock against my slick, hot pussy. I reach down and guide your cock inside with my fingers. For a moment you don't move...I just feel the head of your cock as it pulses just inside…. Then you grab my hips and Thrust your cock Hard...Filling me... your balls slapping against me...Ramming, thrusting, Possessing, Growling...."This Is MINE"

You withdraw quickly making me gasp..moaning...begging for more as you spread my ass apart with your thumbs. You see that tight, sweet, pink hole just Waiting, Begging to be filled with your cock. You lean over my ass, spreading it wide, tracing, teasing, probing.. Taking your stiff, rock hard cock in hand your press the tip against my trembling, quivering ass and I lay my face down on the bed...offering my ass up to you saying "yes baby" "God, yes" The head presses slowly in giving me a moment to relax and open up around it...and then your cock slides down Deep into the Tight Hot Fucking Grip of my ass and you Thrust- Hard Fast Strokes...with each Fucking Thrust your Growl "This is Mine" "Mine" "MINE" until your entire body is on Fire, blood rushing- heart pounding- sweat drenching your skin- pumping harder, faster, Fucking me- slapping your right hand lightly against my ass as you thrust into me, punishing me with your cock. I can't say anything- just muffled moans that get lost in the sheets. You can feel it building in your balls. I can feel it building- the throbbing, pulsing, growing in my ass...I reach my fingers to my swollen, slick, pussy lips and slip them inside to stoke your cock through the firm, slick, satiny flesh of my pussy walls. So close...saying my name you pull your cock from my ass and jerk with your hand watching white, thick spurts of your cum cover the red hand print you left on my ass.

Then holding your relieved, softening cock in your left hand, you use your right to spread your creamy cum over my ass in slow circles as I sink down to the bed...feeling completely Fucked and Wrecked with that hot, cold, burning peppermint stick sensation ache in my ass.....

Chapt 3 "The Rainbow"

Drifting down and Dreaming……Sounds of the night have become part of my dreams. We are driving down a highway, wet and shiny black from the rain… the moon is full and bathes everything in a pale luminous glow. We pull to the curb outside our apartment, tires splashing the small stream of water left behind from the nights rain………Waking……. I wake when I hear a car door shut and the beep of an engaged alarm. Voices of our neighbors drift through the opened window. I turn to focus on the alarm clocks glow and see it is almost dawn...we have slept for several hours now without moving. I am still sprawled on my stomach, legs hanging off the bed. You lay beside me on your back, your feet resting on the floor, still in deep sleep. When I move a delicious ache pulses through my puss and ass ...vivid details come rushing back to me. I look over at your sleeping face, soft, serene and innocent and can hear echos of your husky, growling words.."This is Mine". You are So right I think stretching contentedly.

I smooth my hands down lightly over my breasts and stomach, softly stroking the skin of my lower belly, fingertips moving over my soft, smooth, warm flesh… Reaching down cupping my puss beneath my palm I remember the feel of your hand…..warm and strong...eyes dark with passion and possessiveness and I know what I've known from the beginning. This does belong to you… I have been open to you, trusted you, and have given you Complete access to all that I am.

Thinking of these things my fingers have been softly tracing the folds of the silky inner flesh hidden between the puffed and bruised lips. Slow, idle mind registers and catergorizes the different textures. I am still damp from our previous fuck but now my pussy walls start to tingle and tighten. The dull ache of emptiness moves my eyes to your cock, looking soft and vunerable in the moonlight... I bite down on my bottom lip and think of taking your cock.. kissing the cool skin with my warm lips...bathing and loving it slowly with my tongue until it expands and fills my mouth. God, how I want you .... but you are sleeping so peacefully I decide to take a shower and hope you will wake and join me.

After turning the shower on I move to the sink and brush my teeth. Steam fills the room, my image is a wavering, ghostly apparition then the mirror becomes opaque and reflects nothing. I fingerpaint a message to you as my mind drifts to memories I think of often when I am in here……. Instant recall of my favorite scenes play beneath my closed eyes……. Me laying on this counter over the sink while you so carefully and tenderly shave my shaving your face......complete trust in each other. I remember most of all….,,,that time I was high and out of the blue taunted you with the question..."do you THINK you can fuck me"? and how your eyes Instantly went Dark and you Answered me, leaving NO question in my mind as to whether you could fuck me. I remember leaning over the counter with you behind me, looking at each other in the mirror as you fucked my hard and furious...making me weak and you withdrew and whirled me around so fast… making my vision go white with spots…then touching my face tenderly and kissing me ever so softly and slow. Me leaning weakened against the cold counter…my heartbeat thundering in my ears…eyes misting with emotion. ….drowning in your kiss….in your loving gaze.

I move across the warm misty room and open the door. Steam floats thru the air like smoke. The beam of light lays diagonally across your sleeping, dreaming body spotlighting a Huge erection. Seeing that not ALL of you sleeps I can't resist....I Hate to let a hardon like That go to waste. I lean over you taking your cock loosely in my mouth. I move down on your shaft, slow...turning my head clockwise as I slide down...then counterclockwise on the upstroke....pressing my lips tighter at the head...sucking..tongue flicking the slit...polishing your warm hard knob by turning my head to the right then left. Then sliding and sucking my way back down...tongue flat and sweeping across the underside of the shaft until the head is pressing my throat and my nose is buried against crisp hair. Groaning awake sliding your hands in my hair you press your hips toward me and your cock slides deeper into my throat. I continue to lick, suck, taste and tease your cock....bringing you to the edge, then backing off. At times using my hands to stroke your slick cock while giving your balls and ass a warm, wet, delicious tongue bath. I move my lips teasingly over your balls before sucking them into my mouth ....rolling them...pressing them...caressing them...probing them with my tongue. Sliding them in and out of my mouth as both of our hands stroke your cock together. You want to cum so bad...your balls tighten inside my mouth. I slow our hands down....I want to Taste you...want you to Wait. I lick underneath your balls now, tracing a line to your ass...flatten my tongue and press it to your ass… lightly sucking and licking....then circling and probing ...before I trace my way back a S L O W lick....from your ass...up to your balls....over and swirling Around them...up the underbelly of your throbbing cock....circling the swollen head...tasting the precum....then you jerk off against my I suck and kiss....waiting for you to shoot your hot cum are So close...SO close.... Closer... Yesssssssss.... NOW... omg Baby....

Wiped out….I slither up your body like a snake...pressing my body to yours...I move up to kiss that incredible mouth of yours that I love so much...look into your eyes and I whisper..."You Are Mine". Then I tease your lips with mine and beg for your tongue..sucking it..fucking it with my mouth...bringing back memories of hershey bars, strawberries, and whipped cream...grrr I could kiss you starved for your mouth....our kisses grow hotter, more erotic ...fucking each others mouths with our tongues...and I feel your cock grow hard beneath me.

I move my weight off you and rest on my hands and knees over you as we still kiss. You stroke your cock and rub my pussy. Groaning when you feel how hot and wet I am for you can't wait to be inside me. You hold your cock up straight...the hot tip pressing against my slit...sliding it back and forth making it slick from my juices...And I lower myself...sliding down that rock hard FILL me…snug, hot, and wet … squeezing and releasing rhythmically. I move so that I am in a squat over your feet on the bed by your hands pressed against your chest ....feeling your heart pounding underneath my finger place your hands on my hips to help me as I slide up and down your throbbing, aching pole. Coming down you are so Incredibly deep...making me cry out feels so fucking good baby.

We fuck these long slow deep strokes until my legs weaken and start to pull my body down on yours and sink your cock in deep and roll me to my lay on me...your cock pulsing, growing, filling me. You lift my legs up and over your shoulders....."Yessssss"...I love this part....and you sink in even deeper…your face close to mine....fucking me slow...kissing "yes" breathes into your mouth.

You slowly slide watch your shiny, wet cock emerge inch by inch...resisting me as I groan trying to pull you back pussy greedy and aching. You keep my legs over your shoulders and ease your way down my body until your face is inches from my dripping pussy. Your fingers spread the lips apart and your eyes turn dark as you explore and blow on the exposed slit. We can smell how turned on I am...I am Dying to feel your mouth on me. I reach down my fingers in your hair and pull your head closer. I feel your silky hair brush against my thighs as I press them together when your tongue bathes my sweet wet slit in a devouring Hot lick. "ooooh baby, you do this So damn good" Long, slow licks leave me floating...tongue darts and start to nibble and Eat me...burying your face deep..lapping, sucking, tongue and mouth moving in all directions..never stopping..lips kiss and suck....I Love how you love eating my taste making your moans vibrate against my clit. Fingers slip inside as your tongue circles harder on my clit. Gasping "Oh God, yes" as you suck my clit harder...a heated flush flows thru me...filling me with fire...I have to CUM before I burst into flames. My hips bucking wild....humping your hang on... "God, you are So fucking good baby" "Yesssssssss" "Oooooooh yesss" You can't breath...but you hang on.. my thighs are squeezing against your ears can't hear, but you stay with me...never releasing my clit...your fingers fuck clit gets sucked Harder....Gasping, clawing at the sheets, bunching them up with my sweaty thighs tight against your head..pressing hard on your shoulders...shaking I Cum.... moaning your name loud over and over. Damn baby,

I lay breathless and weak as a kitten. You go into the bathroom and turn the shower off and lay next to me...we turn on our sides and lay like spoons with you behind me...content and weary we will sleep until your cock wakes us up for more. The air blowing in smells fresh and sweet. The morning light sparkles off the tinkling glass windchime...making rainbow patterns shimmer and dance on the bedroom wall. Watching, smiling, I fall into a deep, peaceful sleep safe and warm in your arms.

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Excellent Story! Go with your bad self girl! Is this imagined or real life? I could picture it just like I was there. More Plz!

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8/7/2005 8:03 am

You should do more writing, my shower ran cold on me........ Nice job, I'm thinking I am the guy in your writings,telling you... This is mine

rm_1962MAC 54M

8/7/2005 11:16 am

Your story projected great imagages. Thanks for getting the blood flowing with your writing.

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