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6/29/2005 6:59 pm

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My time on this site has been fading. I reread my first blog on here and I seemed so energetic about the world of AdultFF. Now, two months later, my energy has faded. So, i thought I would list some of the reasons(for those that care to read them) as to why the energy has dwindled, expired and lost that shiny new car feeling.

5. People that can not use punctuation in thier emails to you. Now, I am not the queen of grammar or of spelling but seriously my friends, throwing a period into the mix doesn't hurt. Lack of punctuation really ruins the thoughts you are trying to convey. Maybe its the English teacher in me, but I love a good comma or period.

4. The same people check your profile on a daily basis. I really don't get that one. If ya just read it the day before, why are you reading it again? Do you think it changed overnight?

3. The generic emails that you know people have sent to you and about 30 other people. Be original.

2. Names. How come nobody signs a name? Why would you keep emailing someone if that person refuses to give a name. i kinda like knowing the other person has a name. makes it so much easier to address the emial..

1. Ok, last by not least, my biggest pet peeve is the people that state in thier intro that they are seeking a fit person and that only "hot" people need to apply. im sorry, didn't know that I was filling out a job application. What qualifies as hot? As fit? I think maybe I am getting acomplex from this site. I keep wondering if I am hot enough or fit enough or maybe I should worry that my left tit sags a bit lower than the right. Should people worry about whether the people they may sleep with can carry on aconversation? Am I being to cynical. Probably. Its one of those days. Please don't take this to seriously my friends in blogland, this was just a gripe session.
Griping over and time for bed.
Hubby decided to go to work.
Time for playtime....

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

6/29/2005 7:40 pm

Maybe by "hot" they mean feverish .... higher than a 98.6 body temperature? Eh, what can I say - it's been a long day.

I agree with everything you put here. All valid points.


TampaCarobAloin 45M

7/1/2005 10:01 am

All valid points about AdultFriendFinder, and ones that have made me reconsider staying. But there are REAL people out there, amazingly, and as difficult as it is to find them online, it's just as diffiult in real life, IMHO. So I stay, and putter around on AdultFriendFinder, email and wink and occasionally come across ablog of someone I'd like to chat with Gripe sessions are good though, get it off your chest, then back to the business of fun...


vegasriver 42F
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7/2/2005 7:03 pm

after I wrote this comment, wouldn't you know that there were some of the same people checking my profile that always check it(and you know who you are). Sorry that i blocked you chris, I didn't read your comment here first before I blocked..Send again and Ill add you as well. God luck with the rigamaroll(is that really a word??) here...

vegasriver 42F
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7/7/2005 9:15 pm

Sagging boobies come with age..but its good to know that there are men that still enjoy a good loppy left tit every now and then. I dont take anything onthis site to heart anymore or worry about negativity. I like the blogging thing.

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