a new year  

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1/6/2006 10:27 pm

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a new year

ok, so now it's 2006, and? that's what's exciting, who knows? anything can happen. will i meet my fuck buddy or not? if so, will it be what i am anticipating? will my fantasies be fullfilled? let's see, a glance, oh yeah! let's sit down & chat. would you like something to drink? of course, let's let down our inhibitions. ummh, some soft sexy music, the arm over the shoulders, would you like to dance? yes please, let's dance, maybe a fast one first, show you my moves, then a nice slow one, an excuse to hold on to each other. ummmh, you smell good, of course i smell wonderful, delicious even. just love those muscular arms, hold me tight. maybe a nice slow kiss. yes, i think i like it. back to the table for a getting to know you talk. a little leg stroking, um, nice. that's right, no undies, must live up to the profile. oh, you like that? me too. i think it's getting a little wet in here. oh, you're kiddung, you have a room, well sure, it would be quieter & more private. yes, i think i'd like to go to your room. umm, more later, think i'll just fantasize for now

35LookingHard 47M

1/7/2006 3:08 pm

I would be pleased to help you in 2006. I am new to the area and I'd loke to meet. Even if we just end up as friends, that's still cool. I understand your previous concerns with meeting people...so take it slow. THats all you can do. But sometimes taking chances pans out also.

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