Choosing the best condoms  

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3/22/2005 11:25 am

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Choosing the best condoms

For several years now, I have been using Magnum Condoms XL because all the other ones were so tight on my cock that they would either hurt going on, or would cut off the circulation (in a bad way) or cause me to lose my hardon trying to get the damned thing on. The worst part of wearing a condom is not feeling the pussy or asshole I am fucking. With the Magnums, I don't always feel all of my lovers' lubrication, nor do I feel the minute nooks and crannies that I would feel while bareback.

Recently one of my lovers mentioned there are many more choices available and maybe I should check them out. So, with her assistance, we tried many different ones. Personally I was ready to try the "extra sensitive ones" again. These are the very thin ones that allow more sensation when fucking. Unfortunately, all of these were again too small. Contoured ones also too small, but I knew that before this trial began. Lambskin was nice but not appropriate as they do not help to prevent STD's. I also tried some condoms that were meant to fit the particular dimensions of my dick, but they were difficult to get on (it's a real bitch trying to get a tight condom on while your partner is impatiently waiting to be penetrated). And I tried one that could be applied in either direction, which would be good in the dark Lastly I tried a few different "large" condoms. Sadly the Magnum XX was too big. Shit!!!! And the Hustler XXX was not a size measurement, but a sex rating, since these were so fucking small I kept re-reading the package to make sure they weren't contoured. We didn't try the flavored ones or the "glow in the dark" ones since we were testing for fit more than anything else.

So, I guess I will just stay with my Magnums for the time being. Lambskin condoms felt better, and fit pretty well, but since they are not made of latex, they don't help to prevent STD's. So, why bother??? May as well just fuck bareback, right?

Anyway, there is my two cents worth on condom selection. Does anyone else have any input or recommendations for condoms?

Want_More72 46F

9/14/2006 1:46 pm

They carry all the way up for 10" penis. Worth a try right?

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