I must not kill my coach.  

vanishing_ninja 30M
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3/6/2006 10:28 pm
I must not kill my coach.

Today, I was really angry. My coach refused to let me train as I want. Normaly, I am supposed to train only four hours per day. But in fact, I was always training six or more hours. I don't know if anybody is like me, but I almost never get tired. I train hardly since I was ten years old. If I am angry, it's because any coach would let me train as long as I want, and would accept to listen me. But not this one. And my training is the only place where I can talk to people, but I never have the right to talk. Today, it was difficult for me to retain myself. I would shout and throw something, but I have been very disciplined since my young age. So, I've just keep silence. The only thing I ever want is train. When I was twelve, I was doing 36 hours/week, but now I'm only supposed to do 24. I just can't agree with this. I want to be more than a simple human, and the only way to do it is train, train and train.

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