Chapter four - the return of me  

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3/5/2006 2:14 pm

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Chapter four - the return of me

So, fellow adventures into the great unkown of my mind what have I for ye today?

Oft times I ponder a great many things and one of those are the things we name:connection. I suppose that connections are different depending on your definition of connection. Some call it love, others friendship and yet others name it cosmic energy. I think that this nebulous word is decieving in its simplicity.

Take me for instance. A week and a bit ago I was blissfully unaware of the existance of a really fantastic lady. Yet a week and a bit down the long and dusty road of life I really feel that I have some kind of connection to her. I started my blog and recieved a number of messages of encouragement, and again I thank all ye weary walkers wondering about the state of my mind (and that was some brilliant alliteration there folks ) One message in particular stood out (and not simply because it was in that orangey brown colour either). I read a simple set of words and thought to myself, 'Wow, there is a lady who actually gives a damn about another person she has never met before).

Two or three messages later and I just want to squeeze her tightly (no people, not in that sexual kind of way). My post today has no real meaning to it. That is not its role. What it is, is a tribute to a person who has contributed on more than one occasion to A) The ever more complex meaning of the word connection and to my life.

SensuallyKatey, this post is a tribute to your heart, your soul and your fantastic way with words. From me and anyone else you have touched. I bid thee thanks.

And now, signing off from a boiling hot - and midnight late Africa ... I shall see you all Anon.

Sleep tite, sweet dreams and always stay smiling.

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