Starting out with a bang..:)  

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9/18/2005 9:31 pm

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9/2/2006 2:57 pm

Starting out with a bang..:)

Well, this is pretty cool,,,,I am kinda new to all of this, Just wondering if anyone has met people that turned out to be toal LIARS??? I have talked to 2 people, both of them turned out to be totally fake!! Why lie? Just keep it real, so there won't be any surprises later!! Or at least, no bad ones, good ones are ok, lol. I was completely honest and up front about what I wanted, and both of these girls had an agenda, and all of this other weird stuff going on in their heads, so they lied about wha they wanted, and what they were all about? Did they think I would just change mine? Has anyone else ran into this? Why not just tell what you want? If the other person isn't it, then they're just not it. Anyone with me?? No one should feel bad about straight up telling what they want, and getting it!! Don't lie...just my thoughts for tonight, lol. J

goldfish123 45M/42F

9/21/2005 8:26 pm

Well, unfortunately, AdultFriendFinder is filled with a zillion fake profiles with 100s more added daily... look into the newly posted profiles and you'll see it is mostly attractive single females age 24-29 that are standard members and have only one picture (or a few pics from the exact same scene/event/photoshoot). These are FAKES. They are email address collectors who are trying to get REAL members to email them (they can't email you since they are standard "no paying" members). Once you email them via AdultFriendFinder, they can reply and WILL REPLY with a message that makes them sound like they really are into you and then they type something about "I can't email you via AdultFriendFinder so can I contact you outside of AdultFriendFinder?" This is a request for your "real" email address and if you fall for this trap, you'll never hear from he/she/it again and your email address will be sold to the sex-ad-spam industry. Then that spammer sells your address to two friends, and so on...and so on... etc. and you can NEVER get removed from all their spam lists. Yes, I speak from experience-- I think EVERYONE who is real on AdultFriendFinder has fallen for this trap... I figure it is a group of perverted sweat-shop slaves in some developing nation who collects porn pics, makes standard AdultFriendFinder profiles and collects email addresses from their "marks"... a bunch of parasitic scum! OK, now I sound pissed... but you would think AdultFriendFinder would eliminate all this garbage or make a mandatory ID verification. SO-- my word of advice: don't communicate to any single females, especially if she's a "standard" member. It works much better to meet up with another couple who are paying members (like us ;-])! We've been AdultFriendFinder members for 8 years now and have learned everything the hard way. GOOD LUCK!!!

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