a rant maybe a new blog start???  

vacatedpup 53F
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7/8/2006 9:23 pm

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10/5/2006 7:08 pm

a rant maybe a new blog start???

Well the last post on this site for me was In April...I do blog on another site pretty much everyday, a poem or a rant and I have a following which really surprises me..lol..Im not sure what I want to blog on this site my inspiration comes from the fact certain people may read it ..and since I only have 2 friends here (by choice) I will have to depend on people actually getting past pics to read my blogs..lets see how many comments i get..i have to say i do not add to my friends list..I like to pay close attention to the friends i have and too many can be too much to do that..I like to be top on their list as well , not the only but near the top and I have to thank a certain someone who has recently got me out of a horrible rut and made me feel sexy again, and not a needy 44 yr old woman but a wanted needed woman ..and I have to thank him because im not the only one he has to chose from and he stopped with me, and im smiling.I still cant believe sometimes that I could make a man feel that way, because lately I have been crushed by a few reality hits and come to feel a little foolish chasing ...chasing...chasing and never really wanting to believe the person I want to respect and want me isnt interested anymore or I am just a silly old broad ..haha..maybe this is the best because the more needy you are the less your wanted ..and I did fall in my own way!! not love but want and need with respect and caring and i cant imagine my life without a little of him around ..I miss the hell out of him I just need to know if im still on his mind , just a little at least..thats all , hey but you cant twist anyones arm..I will be back!!! to blog tomorrow..its a great release when you have nothing else going on... maybe that will cum soon, but i dont kiss and tell....

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9/14/2006 11:20 am

I wish it was me who had the chance to tell you how great you looked and from what little I can see it looks great. I have found over the years that anyone who wants and needs seem to chase the other person and that is not a good thing for the mind and body.A mutual respect for each other and allowing space seems to always draw each other together. The phone call every couple of hours or the drive by always seems to drive someone crazy, you feel like you are being checked on.(not a good thing) The call just to say hi or not calling for a few days always leaves your partner thinking about you (I have found)
I have found that the Female Anatomy is so complex but yet so fragile and I love evey inch...

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