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7/12/2005 4:41 am

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Its my opion that men cheat to have something different. But I'm still not understanding why?,If you have everything at home why go out and sleep with another woman and then go home as if your the perdect mate?

apleanty 57F

7/12/2005 5:36 am

Men are whore dogs just like women, it's in there nature to cheat, why have just one man anyway girl, go out and get yourself afew I did, and my hubby does not take care of all my needs are you taking care of your man's needs, MUST NOT BE!!!!!!!

smilelaughdance 53F

7/19/2005 11:31 am

Girl men don't even know why they cheat. I couldn't beat him even when I thought he was telling the truth so I went out and got my own. Now I guess he has to wonder about me. He has not asked and I sure want tell. I didn't want another man so I got women. It has nothing to do with you taking care of home. Get your own life/identity and let him wonder, he'll be too busy trying to keep up with you to try to cheat.

rm_x757aquarius 40M

1/17/2006 12:10 pm

I have the solution to why men cheat. And this is coming from a man who has cheated. The reason why men cheat is simlpe. We ask to much of a woman sexually. Often when men want sex, the woman doesn't. And men take it as " she is cheating, she don't want me, she only wants it before we go to bed." Basically we take it as rejection. Some men don't like rejection from the woman they say they love. And some men will find a woman who won't reject them. And they are out there. "hoes" Yes i call it like i see it. Some men cheat for the thrill and to bragg to their boys about the hunny they saw at the club. And most of the time it's their friends who are with them hyping things up. Maybe the friends of your man got an eye for you. who knows? But yes men luv to have someone different than the one they are with. When a man sees another woman in tighter jeans than you. he thinks about how good she is in bed. Another thought is could he addd her to the mix. And I do admit alot of women are not open to a threesome for a number a reasons. Being insecure if he will leave because of the third wheel is the number one reason. Another reason men cheat is because most women don't give a men head. Now i'm a firm believer in equal pleasure when it comes to oral. Cause I luv giving women head also, but sometimes I like to lay back and receive head too. Not to say it needs to happen everytime but once in a while is cool. Now dealing with a man who is really insecure. They sometimes think" she ain't giving me any so she is cheating so let me go and cheat." Yeah I know dumb reason huh! Now one reason I found that men cheat is to blame on your monthly friend. I had a friend who did that to his girl every month. But she faked her cycle one month and caught him. So Karma is alive. Now not all this is on the woman. cause like I said men ask too much of women sexually. But men like to come to their woman and ask for a quicky at lunch or before work. This sometimes get us ready for when we get home to get the full effect of our women. Now a small percentage of men swing to other men. Now for this reason even i don't now why. Can't help you there. That shit ain't for me. But men can create fantasies they want to forfill with their woman. But most women won't even give it a second thought. So once again we go out and find someone who will. Yes alot of men have issues when it comes to sex. and maybe we need time on the couch to talk about it. But communication in a relationship about sex and what both will and will not do should laid out first. And if it not enough, well then tell him or her to keep steppin. But never should you lower yourself to keep a man for doing sexual acts you know you are not comfortable with. I know I won't add another man into my bed. But if a woman wants to add another woman to forfill her fantasy i'm cool. But I shouldn't have to ride the bench everytime. Sex in a relationship should be equal to both so both can feel apart of the relationship and/or sexual act. Thus giving no reason to cheat cause everything both want is at home. And both agree on what happens. Sometimes being spontaneous with sex and creative keeps us men guessing on when we will get it. Cause the truth is if was good enough to get us in the first place we want it all the time. But when a man cheats he usually lives an unusaul pattern. You know coming home late for work, spending more time away from home, paying bills at the store instead of paying on-line, goign to work early. The signs are their just open your eyes. Always beleive two wrongs don't make a right. If the signs lead to your man cheating just leave and find someone who enjoys what you have to offer and be happy. The sea is big and the fish are biting. Holla at cha!


1/27/2006 8:52 am

shit...why do women cheat

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