my first experience  

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11/17/2005 2:59 pm

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my first experience

My first sexual experience in the sixth grade was with a female. She and I were spending the night together as girls do but our new breasts and hormones were so much more exciting. She had begun dating and flirting with boys, while I was still the shy sweet and innocent one. Never the less, I was much more knowledgable sexually, lol.

We began playing by just admiring each others breasts and bodies visibly then slowly touching. The firmness and budding breast were so sensitive. We loved touching them and having them touched. She decided I needed to know how to kiss (as if I am not a natural).

I love kissing. Sucked my thumb until I was twelve years old, very oral. She didn't stand a chance once I locked lips with her and fondled her breasts. The nipples were so very tight. The firmness of the new full round breasts molded to fit my hand so perfectly. Her mouth was so very warm and moist. We gave in to the sheer pleasure of the moment. I did not stop at just hands roamed down to her vulva. My clitorus was very familiar to me, wonder if she liked it too? Oh yes! Our naked bodies rubbed full length frantically at eachother. Our mouths were searching for more intense kissing. Her legs relaxed opening inviting my hands to search as her hips moved for more. Her grinding motions ceased and her body became tense as the beginning of an orgasm began to build. My tantric nature sensed the pleasure of our actions and I continued to rub between her legs, exploring each and every crevise. The button on the end of her pubic bone was swollen. When I touched it, she gave out a cry of surprise.

Her shock at the intensity of our play was too much for her. She tensed her body and pushed herself back up against the headboard of the bed. Our eyes locked in wonder at what had just taken place. My smile lets her know that I am pleased. She draws her knees up to her chin and laughs. Yes, she is the experienced one of us now, lol. Let's see if the boys can make her feel like I just did!

It would be three more years until my first date and kiss my freshman year in high school. I moved to a new town and school that year. My best friend and I never spoke of our play time again. She did try to find me a boy friend several times though. Seems she had no problem getting one after another.

I will tell you about losing my virginity at sixteen next time. It wasn't all that for me, but it did open the doors to my erotic sexual adventures! Purrrrrrrr

trustno01 55M  
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11/17/2005 4:09 pm

Great Post. Held my attention the whole way and had my mind in imagination land. LOL

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11/17/2005 4:16 pm

Very Good, Looking Forward to Other Stories...One Hell of a Lady...

FixesSeineAlder 66M
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11/17/2005 5:36 pm

Not bad, not bad at all,,,,,,,,Now let's hear about your first orgasm,,,,,,,,,,,>>!

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11/19/2005 10:05 pm

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