beauty and attraction....  

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5/1/2006 12:54 am

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beauty and attraction....

One of the questions asked in the additional profile information is about what I am attracted to: i.e. eyes, hair, legs, butt, etc. I checked some boxes and used the free form answer screen to say that for me it is more of a package deal.

That questions got me thinking about attraction. It is safe to say I am attracted to beauty. So what is beauty (to me anyway since I am the beholder in this story)? Here is here the "package" concept begins

A disingenuous quote implies a woman is the "total package" if she has looks, money, and brains. Note that this is not the package I am referring to. I live in another age.

For me, all of us are flawed in some sort or another. Too long a nose, hair that cannot be tamed, a few extra pounds, some skin ailment, etc. I do not believe in the "total package" concept that seems to bestow beauty nirvana then achieving the right looks, wealth, and intelligence.

So we well not use this concept. However there will be a package... yes, a package incomplete by comparison. But a package of features that the beholder finds beautiful, thus attracting him.

Now that we got that business out of the way... some examples....

A woman with a little extra padding and perhaps not the best hair can assemble a killer package off eyes, smile, and skin to take me down. In fact I love to see a young and sightly overweight woman and see how her skin and smile fare. For such a woman with young and vibrant skin, an Audrey Hepburn smile (and the Hepburn attitude I might add) will take my breath away... and I am done in.

On several occasions I have been walking and seen a "perfect 10" (remember I basically disregard that concept) from behind... elegant stride and a perfect body. And in enjoying the view, a quarter turn yields perfect silhouette of her breasts with luxuriously flowing hair around the curves yet obscuring her features, and my heard jumps. Surely she has a package to rival all others. But then she stop and turns completely around. Her face is nothing special... she withdraws with her eyes, her skin is blemish incarnate, a nose just not right, etc. Her eyes could have given her a chance yet they lacked the vibrance of a confident youth. So the package fails flat and there is no attraction. Her package is too heavily loaded with attributes from her figure and nary a positive element otherwise.

This leads me to believe that beauty is a balanced array of attributes of mind, figure, and face where severally carefully molded attributes create the package which I find beautiful in the woman.

What is your combination?

Strong will, killer smile, and ankles to die for?

Dry Wit, smile of smiles, silken hair, and a curvy back?

Remember, there is no perfect person or ideal package.... just many different and beautiful packages. Comment to this Blog and let me now yours!

Oh... if I could pick one part of the body with which I am totally enamored, it would be lower back hip-dimples.

whiskeylullaby4 47F
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5/29/2006 11:29 am

Just read your blog and enjoyed it.
You have worded that beautifully, thank you

ut_heathen 43M

6/1/2006 7:22 pm

Thanks whiskeylullaby4. I'm glad you appreciate the post. It seemed awkward looking back on the text but made more sense at the time... which inspired a later short post about drinking and blogging. Perhaps we drank the same whiskey!

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