Her first night out  

usetrixie 45M/46F
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9/7/2006 3:52 am

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10/2/2006 7:20 pm

Her first night out

For a long time now, I've been telling my girlfriend Trixie all about the hot times I've had in the past. Recently I told her about a trip I took to a local adult theater. I told her about watching as a man and woman came into the theater and sat down. Soon the husband was handing out condoms to all the surrounding men as they came up and fucked his wife one by one. This story got Trixie hot. She began telling me how much fun she thought it would be to shave her pussy and go to that same theater for some of the same action. The more she talked the hotter I got and soon the plan was set. We went that very night. Trixie decked out in a short black skirt, black see-through top, red bra, red fuck-me-pumps, and no panties over her freshly saved cunt. We walked into the theater around 7:30 and sat down in the couples section. As soon as we walked into the joint every man there stopped watching the flick and started watch us. Almost immediately guys were asking to sit next to us. Trixie nodded consent to one man who sat down with his cock out. Trixie spread her legs and pulled her skirt up revealing her shaved pussy to anyone looking and let the man touch her. Soon his fingers were plunged deep into her cunt as she rubbed his cock with one hand and mine with the other. The surrounding men looked on, jacking their cocks. Before long Trixie leaned over and took the man's dick. into her mouth. She sucked him off while the others looked on. When she had tasted enough she sent him away and allowed another man to take his place. He sat down and asked Trixie if she wanted some of his giant cock. Trixie said she did and told him to whip it out. He stripped down on the spot. In great anticipation, Trixie grabbed his dick, ready for something big. Before she stuffed his load into her mouth, she leaned over and whispered in my ear "huge cock my ass". But like a good little whore she sucked it anyway. She gave it a good effort, slobbing his nub as long as she could but his cock just did not turn her on and soon she was ready for a break. We went out to the car for a little sip of Patrone, then back in to resume her pursuit of fresh cock. We sat back down two rows from the front and decided to look around for a moment before inviting over more participants. Before long another couple sat down in front of us. In no time at all, the woman began sucking her husbands cock. Her arm was around the back of the chair. Trixie took the woman's hand and put it around my cock.. The woman stroked it for a minute then the couple stood up and came and sat down next to us. Before long we had all agreed to go to a hotel for a little deeper fun. We spent the night fucking and sucking and getting it on in every way possible. But still when the couple left, Trixie wanted more. That little whore was ready fuck anybody that walked by just as long as they made her cum. In the end, she had to go to sleep without anymore cock. But first, I had to promise to help her find a group of guys to fuck in the near future. Any takers…

rm_CattLapHer 46M
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9/24/2006 6:50 am

sure sounds like loads of fun!

boatman922 69M
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9/26/2006 3:08 pm

Put me on the list of guys

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