oh by the way, which one's pink?  

upncummer692 44M
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7/12/2005 5:27 pm

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oh by the way, which one's pink?

when i was a child i had a fever, my hands felt like two balloons, now ive got that fever once again, you would not understand, this is not how I am...I have become comfortably numb.
When I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye, I turned to look but it was gone. I cannot put my finger on it now, the child is grown, the dream is gone... I have become comfortably numb...
thank you Roger Waters and Syd Barret for giving us the words and sounds to define our emotions undefinable and obscured by reason.

rm_beullah 55F
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7/13/2005 3:35 am

“I can feel guilty about the past, apprehensive about the future, but only in the present can I act.” ‒ Abraham Maslow, 1908 ‒ 1970

Welcome to my world...I've been expecting you.

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