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2/4/2006 3:11 am

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my world

Im a simple and friendly guy.I trust people and also like to earn their trust.I hate violence and noise.I see dreams which can be achiveable.

I like chinesse food , pizza , fried rice, fucka and dal vhat.... i wish to eat snake, octopus and squeed some day.I dont eat much ice-cream or fav flavour in ice-cream is butter-schoch..yam yam ...okk enough with food.

I did my SSC(english version) from Rajuk Uttara Model school and College in 2003 and in 2005 june i finished my A-levels from BIT.I gave my iealts in 2004 sep and got 6.5 .

I like to play cricket,listen to music, surff in net , read physics stuffs, hand with friends and chatt in yahoo rooms.

Personal oppinion on life : life never ends unless u want it to end... everytime u wake up in the morning it is a new start.
opinion on female:Never go for looks ...couz looks can be desiving.... look at the heart of the person ..couz that will never change.

My life is very complex, well most of my life i was a BALL in a pool table ..once here ..then there.well only god know where im going next.

Im a science beliver and have little faith in god...although i respect all religion.

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2/5/2006 9:28 am

welcome to blogland

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9/28/2007 4:57 am

Hi I don't think you are active now.
otherwise you may visit my blog.

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