I can not  

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12/10/2005 10:10 pm

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I can not

I am too sleepy, so, whatever you read after this, please forgive any mistakes in spelling, sentence structure, punctuation or anything else.

You all know how it is when your really tired and just want to talk and giggle.. I am alone so I have no choice but to type all over the page making absolutely no sense...

I am seriously turned on by a man in uniform, any type of uniform, police, firemen, soldier, the UPS man hell even the Pepsi man turns me on. But I am really turned on by police men.
I can only guess as to why, but i think it's the cop/bad girl thing. Twice in my lifetime I have been lucky enough to have sex with a cop.

The first I met through here, he was a good guy, he in turn hooked me up with a buddy of his.
His buddy was something else. He was in full uniform when we got together and I of course was wet from the minute he got in the car. When I finally got him back home with me, he was kind enough to stand in front of me, and let me suck his cock while still in uniform.
He was standing there in that intimidating way that cops stand and just unzipped his zipper and let me go for it, he had the biggest cock I had ever seen and I loved every inch of it.

He did get undressed before he fucked me thank god because I exploded with him. A funny thing though, I was not going to meet him because I thought he was too young for me. I never date anyone the same age or younger then myself, and try to keep them over 40. Lucky me that I did give him a chance, because I would have missed out on some the best sex ever.

I'm only thinking of this tonight because I am in lust with an EMT.. I seen him at Walmart Friday and something about him has me turned on. I don't know why because he is nothing I'm looking for, he's looks about the same age as me and is shorter then me. Two of my biggest deal breakers, but there you have it.

I guess, I'm off to bed (alone again).

Goodnight all!

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