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uneektweeker 61M
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7/9/2006 2:59 pm
Personal ads

I would say that for the most part these ads are more frustrating than productive. I mean one goes to the trouble of building a profile stating who they are and what their looking for in a partner having similar needs. Well this is not like searching the ads for a washing machine because when one chooses the one that is being advertised its just a matter of forking over the cash and bringing it home. Say you wanted a blue, top loading, heavy duty washer. Look in the paper and there it is. Just exactly what you want!
But that doesn't happen with personal ads. It turns out that when people advertise themselves they either fail to describe themselves factually of jot down a bunch of stuff they think their suitor wants to hear. "Loves hiking, fishing, camping, walks on the beach",etc. or "quiet evenings at home, good conversation, movies, loves to cook",etc. Obviously these people are lonely for the most part so they list all the things that their "former" didn't appreciate fully or discovered too many other flaws that were not apparent at the first and so they left. Then you have the discreet type already in an unstable relationship seeking "outside" comfort to satisfy whatever it is their not getting enough of already. They may list their good qualities or they may not. Generally they will describe in detail what they expect in a partner as far as looks, disposition, financial status, personality, and of course having common interests. The discreet type are more interested in the sexual stamina and performance of the respondent. "Must be well hung, big black dicks only, muscular build, able to satisfy all my needs, someone to fuck me while my husband is at work." Out of the two above types the discreet seekers probably score the most hits and actually get what they ask for. The respondent however, has to compete with thousands of others for the chance of scoring a little strange and therefore spends most of the time sitting at the computer fully aroused and completely frustrated.
In a class all their own are the young gals that seem to be perpetually horny posting pics of themselves in various states of nudes. I cant understand why a young woman with a totally hot body would need to resort to personal ads to snag a date. All they need do is walk in the mall, on the beach, or visit any nightclub and automatically attract the attention of every male within eyesight. No doubt wherever they go they have a never ending parade of men hitting on them. They have no shortage of opportunity to meet, date or have sex. Posting an ad, showing a sexy nude pic tells me that these girls are fishing for suckers that will click on their website where they will be required to spend and click their way to bankruptcy if their foolish enough to believe that this will get them a date with that "hottie". The girls posting these kinds of ads are phonies! Most likely they are not girls at all. Its all run by an outfit dealing in porn. The girls may get paid for the pic and posting the ad but they are far to busy dating and/or fucking the men who are not glued to the computer.
These ads, all of them, for the most part are about wanting sex. It doesn't matter if its mentioned or not. Sure it would be much easier on everyone involved if they would just state their true motive for advertising themselves without all the preconditions and expectations. By involving those two points in the ad will eventually lead to disappointment. Yes, relying on personal ads to find a genuine partner is a lot more difficult than merely buying a washing machine.

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