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uneektweeker 61M
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7/7/2006 6:20 pm
More to discover

I first heard the word 'blog' back in the days I had no computer. When I discovered what it meant and how it was used I thought it was a great accomplishment to have such a feature available for anyone to use. An opportunity to pour ones guts out in the land of cyber, giving the world a window into the mind of the blogger is probably the best feature on the Internet. Over the winter I had countless issues I wanted to present to the public. In minutes I could construct a blog in my mind that would fill pages when put in print. Now I have a hard time trying to recall any of them. Starting from scratch takes a lot more than a few minutes and making a conscience decision on the subject to blog about is more difficult than having one arrive out of nowhere and pasted in your brain along with the complete text. I know that now I have the equipment at the ready whenever I do capture one of those flying concepts.
Today I guess I'll stick with the subject of the wonderful world online. Having access to just about anything one could think of in the way of information is truly remarkable. Sending e-mails without having to buy a stamp, instant messages and now phone calls to anywhere for pennies. This is all very nice and convenient but Im holding my hoo-rahs for eventual holodeck program that's sure to be perfected. The software is expected to be expensive but well worth the investment. Type in your favorite fantasy adventure and instantly the room dissolves into the scene of your creation. A separate reality for one to disappear and participate in an experience every bit as real as life itself. At last one has the opportunity to live in absolute freedom. Being able to interact in the most violent, disgusting, demeaning or downright bizarre situations without suffering physical damage or held responsible for ones transgressions against another may very well eliminate the criminal element in society. Having the means to materialize the object or person of sexual desire and carry out whatever acts one wishes without involving real people may eliminate and sex predators. But those expectations cannot be seriously made. Once an invention like this hits the market there will be the "public outcry" syndrom and lawmakers will invent a new breed of criminal with get tough laws making it illegal imagine immoral fantasy's. It seems that humans will never quit the practice of legislating morality. The laws will solve nothing and serve as a gateway to real crime.

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