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9/26/2005 6:43 am

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Well, I have met someone that I can really Enjoy!, not met in person, but we have been talking and calling, GOOD friend of mine, met her, she and her were talking while playing an ONLINE game, and she though our humor would match, and Well, WE MATCHED more than just humor, I hope to met her i person one day.

I wante to tell everone that LOOKS at these bogs, YOU know I would not take it as a come on unless you told me, FOR you to just say HEY!, or your comments, I Don't pay for this sight, so I can't VIEW profiles, or Send emails, this is most likely the only way to talk to me, or you sending me an email.

I"m VERY picky, when it comes to haveing a girlfriend, at one time I did have my Now X wife, and we share a coommon intrest, now she gone, I am looking for a FIREND, LOVER, PARTNER for life, which, now, I don't want it to Include kids, Nothing against them, I have three, I Just don't want the hassels that I have had to endure this past year.

GIVING A note, to someone, even though your not intrested in them, telling them, HEY LOVED THAT PIC! or just saying I CAN RELATE! is a HUMAN thing to do, I know there are plenty out there. SO, drop a note, if you need to TELL ME< SORRY NOT INTRESTED > BUT thought you like to know! I don't get up set, it very nice to know there are more out there looking for there soulmates, besides IF your wondering about something ASK!! what better way to get an understanding on a life style you don't share!

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