Understand Why You Are Here  

unchainedphila 51M/42F
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1/8/2006 9:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Understand Why You Are Here

People have a lot of reasons for being on AdultFriendFinder:

1. Friendship/Basic Human Interaction - I know a few women who have done phone sex for a living, and they estimate 10-20 percent of the guys never wanted to talk about sex; they just wanted to talk. The same is true here. Some people come on to chat and seem never interested in anything sexual.

2. Flirting - Although I have no proof, I think this is the biggest reason people are here. Flirting (including getting cyber sex or phone sex) is a huge rush for most people, and doesn't involve any of that messy "real life" stuff.

3. Perhaps Maybe Someday Hooking Up - Perhaps a midpoint between flirting and hooking up, these people are looking for just the right person - who may not exist.

4. Hooking Up - Almost all the single men and a small percentage of everyone else are here just to meet someone to fuck, soon.

Some people have more than one reason and some people's reasons change. Understand your own motives and that other's may be different.

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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1/8/2006 10:05 pm

very true.

rm_ohsolustful 58M
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1/13/2006 8:52 am

Put me in the #3 catagory, I want the minimal no-strings relationship...not willing to do it with just anyone, sex just to have sex isnt as much fun as a tryst or a lil secret romance on the side, there has to me some sort of mental connection as well as the physical aspect..

woofff 41F

2/8/2006 12:09 pm

Dear unchainedphila Good Job!You don't pull punches do you? Hi. Is wonderful to read what you wrote.When someone's basics are vague,that person the ends up being a liability in a relationship.

I'm going thru'the wringer. I know.


rm_solystis 70M
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2/8/2006 9:28 pm

you summed it up so beautifully

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