Addon to my Fuck Relationships Post  

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3/3/2006 11:03 pm

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Addon to my Fuck Relationships Post

the internet is this awesome thing and lookie what I found....
" but anyway, i feel more alive than i've felt in nearly 4 years. and maybe this is a very good move. maybe he did me a favor. he said to me:

"maybe this is a blessing in disguise and you don't realize it yet."

and i told him no, but now i know that he was right. for once in our relationship, he was completely and entirely right.

and maybe i only tried to fight for him to stay, to fight for our relationship because i felt obligated to do so. maybe that was it, but who can say?

i just wish i knew why i didn't have the courage to tell him sooner.

i mean, i hated saying that i was "bisexual" when i knew that i was not. i knew, i've always known, that i am indeed a lesbian, but i guess it just took that little prompting from him to come out and say it.

and no, i'm not going to come out to my family. at least that's not in the cards for anytime this year, or maybe anytime in the next ten years...but i won't be dating any other men (ever)...and i won't be aspiring to hide behind a 6-striped rainbow flag for the entirely of my life. i'm going to be brave and embrace who i am now, instead of trying to keep it all to myself. "

i will keep the site private....ah what the fuck who cares anybody good with google could find it anyways

------------------Now as to what I was gonna add on, "maybe this is a blessing in disguise and you don't realize it yet." Yes i did say that, and yes I did mean that, cause I knew what I was doing and I knew that she had dramitically changed over the course of 3.5 years, but you know what? Im happier for her now then I ever have been because she will find herself, come out of the closet and BE HAPPY. All of us deserve some happyness in this shitty life, so why deny ourselves?


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