Just my thoughts as I sat down at the pc and contemplated things  

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8/19/2005 10:38 am

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Just my thoughts as I sat down at the pc and contemplated things

I joined up on this site a while back now, because I was not really looking to get stuck into another full blown relationship, and am still not. after 10 years plus with one partner who didn't care for my social circles, I was left with a small number of die hard friends dotted all over. I did attempt to go out on the town by myself, and after a few weeks of visiting old haunts and new, looking for an odd familiar face, or a friendly smile with which to engage, fruitlessly. I then tried the mainstream online dating sites.. ???? that was a mistake, Perhaps it was just me being attracted to the inappropriate choices, but every first date I attended seemed to be more of an interview for the role of provider, rather than anything else. Perhaps I am showing my age, but what about finding out if you like someone? is there any chemistry? do you share common goals? before you head full on down the road to the church ???

And then I found this site, thank whatever deity you worship. And although it can be quite a lot of work finding someone in this place it can be done, and those with whom I have engaged with in here have for the most part been really sound people. A real fresh breath of air.

Its great, finding a new friend with whom to do both the mundane and ordinary, and also share the exploration of each others sensuality. I have been fortunate enough to meet some really great women, with whom I have shared some great times, and while all things come to an end, and I have found myself on both sides of the uneven emotional equation when things have concluded, but we both knew what we were playing with , and no one ends up hurt or feeling nasty.

Though its at times like these when I am not sharing times with a 'friend with benefits', and am sending out those awkward uncertain 'Hi this is me messages' that it gets a bit tedious, it takes time to find and read suitable profiles, and then to spend time trying to be witty in an intro note , only to be ignored time and time again does wear you down a bit, but then , you find that rare and precious gem, someone with whom you do click, and it makes it all worth while...

well I'm keeping my fingers crossed about a woman I have been chatting to for a week or so now, and if things work out I will not be writing any more of those 'HI I liked your profile....' notes for a while...

let the dance continue.... and lets all have a lil more fun in our lives

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