predictable but fun  

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5/7/2005 10:21 pm

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predictable but fun

Here's one that could have come true once, but of course didn't...

I'm sharing a house with a woman and she decides to have an ann summers party. She says I better be out for the night as she's going to have some of her friends round for the usual party night in.

On the night however (curious to see what it's all about) I stay in and say I'll keep out of her way. That's the true part...well, there's one more true part to come.

The woman arrive and I stay in my room, but listen out as they begin to enjoy themselves. I hear bursts of laughter as the vibrators are brought out and by this time I am very turned on. I can't stop myself thinking about the women down the corridor who are probably trying on tiny knickers in front of each other and discussing the most pleasurable vibrator, and which one they are going to buy. I slip my jeans down while I am standing at the door listening and wrap my hand around my prick and start rubbing it while I imagine the women playing in the other room. From here it's fantasy .

It all goes a little quiet after that and I wonder what is happening so I decide to sneak down the corridor and listen to what's going on. I stand outside the door of the lounge listening to the conversation. Thinking the women are all too busy to notice, I push my jeans down a bit and start stroking my cock again, leaning against the wall. Just then, the door opens and my flatmate and her friend come out holding a set of sexy knickers and bras...going to get changed. They can't believe what the see when the open the door and before I know it the little group of women are out in the corridor laughing at what I was up to. They insist I come and sit with them as I was so desperate to find out what the party was all about.

At this point, my flatmate says I am very naughty and should be taught a lesson. I have to finish what I started, but this time sitting right there with everyone watching- 'so this is what you get up to in your room when I'm not around' she says... which provokes a loud laugh from eveyone else. OK, I know I would be paralised with fear if this was real, but in my fantasy I push my already unfastened jeans to the floor, slip out of my shorts and sit on a chair with a group of women sitting round on the floor watching. My cock is hard in my hand and I slowly stoke it, leaning back and enjoying having several women staring at my hard prick as I rub it up and down for them. It goes quiet again, but before long there are murmers from the women as they get turned on watching a man masturbating right in front of them for them. I unfasten my shirt buttons and sigh with pleasure as I wank my cock for them. One of the women says she is turned on too and wants to join in, so as I watch she lets her hand stray up her skirt and I see her moving her knickers to the side. Her pussy is wet and she slips her finger into her slit and starts rubbing in time with my rythmic strokes.

I can't take any more, and the women watch as I groan, and my cock jerks and my come squirts up onto my chest...

An Ann Summers party to remember. I wonder if anything like that has ever happened, or is likely to, or if any women reading would LIKE it to happen. Please let me know... Also if you like any of these fantasies and want me to write more please let me know.

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