Would you watch me?  

uk_cockstroker 46M
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5/15/2005 10:03 am

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8/12/2006 12:09 am

Would you watch me?

I would love to arrange with a woman to come to her house, and arrive at the door knowing exactly what I was there for. She would open the door to me, knowing why I had come and show me in. We would talk for a while, then she would ask if I wanted to get undressed. I would pull my t-shirt over my head and slip off my jeans. Then I would pull down my shorts and sit, naked on the sofa. She would sit watching and hopefully be very turned on. Then I would sit back and begin to slowly stroke my cock. It would stick up in front of me and I would look down at it as I rubbed the end. Then I would give it long slow strokes, all the time the woman would be watching. She woluld have asked me to come and let her watch me masturbate for her. She would have made it clear that would be all she wanted. I wouldn't be allowed to see her body or touch it- just to pleasure my cock in front of her.

I would speed up and slide my hand over my penis. Drips of clear come would slip down the shaft and I would rub it all over my prick to make it shiney and slippery. Then I would rub it in a fast jerky rhythm and my breathing would become ragged and fast. My cheeks would be red- all with a woman watching every stroke. I would stop and pant with my penis twitching, ready to come, but I would hold back just for a while. Then I would beg to be allowed to rub it until I came. Maybe she would lean over me and look closely as I started masturbating again. I would lie back and arch my back, telling her I could not stop. I would beg her to let me see her tits. Beg her to strip for me while I rubbed my penis. But I would not be able to stop from having an orgasm, and it would spurt out up, over my chest and she would watch my cock pulse and my sperm squirt until I lay panting on my back, naked with her watching me. Maybe then she would gently run her hands over my naked body as I got my breath back.

It turns me on, and I want to do it for someone. I am very turned on, and no way to relieve my frustration. Thoughts like this are what make me desperate to be touched. I would love a woman's hand rubbing my prick, slowly teasing it while she talked to me about how aroused she was.

Maybe sometime....

pussnboots694 73M/78F

5/15/2005 6:00 pm

ummm that sounds wonderful, I have never met a man that was brave enough to just masterbate in front of a woman, just reading your post makes me dripping wet, I truely wish you lived closer to me, I would definitally watch you spew your load, and then after you rest I would show you my tits, and tight ass, so you could do it for me again,

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