I Wrote This About 6 Months ago...  

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6/23/2005 2:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I Wrote This About 6 Months ago...

... how a little time can change things, eh? lol

quick to accept, to understand, to let into my world, to hold, to touch, to feel, to kiss, to let inside my heart, to love...why is what once was unacceptable is now passible? Why do i settle for the cigarette butts and half empty cans? to fight for the chance for you to see me by forcing you to. Why is it that the goal. To push aside all that is me for "you". when the you is not real and the me is undiscovered. Is it the pain of loneliness or the thawing emotions that are starting to bud. I know who you are and you're not him. He stares into my soul, watches me walk, listens to me breathe, absorbs my words.Maybe by committing to a written promise here, i will be bound by the words of honesty and pureness. it's late, i'm rambling and my heart aches and oddly enough your voice is in the computer, singing to me, reminding me it is possible. That patience is once again a familiar friend. I can't wait to see your smile, the one that lights up my misery.

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