SEX for HIRE!!  

uglypoet 51M
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8/9/2006 12:35 am

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10/21/2006 3:36 am

SEX for HIRE!!

Recently in SEA room the topic of Sex for Money came to be a topic fiercely debated. It’s interesting as I watched the development of the discourse ‒ If I may put it.

I will not furnish any names or handles here…

A certain guy said that most Malaysian women prefer not to be financially independent and view sex as something that is a privilege men should be accounted for in one form or another “

This obviously sparked a public outcry from the ladies in the room. The comments came in fast and furious.
The ladies rebutted by saying; that they are financially independent but it sure would be nice to be pampered by their lovers too... so does that make me a hooker too? Another went on to say; we are not saying that we accept Money in exchange for fucks... but why cant men be generous with us...?? Nothing wrong I see...

The Guys chorused in in varied n mixed tones. You have some with remarks such as “Sex is never Free, I’m married for 13yrs I should know!” And there are those who said Its OK for ladies to ask for Money…its natural they lamented. Of course there’s e purist who feels that sex should not be associated with currency or sorts ‒ they feel It cheapens the act and lack the passion thereby eliminating all possibilities of LOVE to blossom. One guy said; There is ALWAYS a charge for sex...only thing is that if the charge is Money...the transaction is more transparent

The Chats were so furious… I decided to roll over n play dead, while I just observed.

As usual there’s never any end to it, nor were there any right or wrong, as one chatter stated, but rather logical or illogical.

So are the professional ‘tarts’ invading our chatrooms and soliciting in these Chat rooms? Well, I guess like the real world its fast being that way in the virtual world as well ‒ just a matter of time.

MataKhan 106F

8/9/2006 4:55 am

There is some truth about money involved in sex

Just think of all the money we spent when we know we gonna have sex with someone hehe.New lingerie,perfumes and maybe some diets..and dont an era of STD...condoms cost money


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