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u4bang2 55F
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2/24/2005 5:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Perfect Meeting Place

AdultFriendFinder is the best place to meet if you don't frequent clubs to meet people. I've met some really nice and genuine people on the service. After activating my standard membership within one day there were quite a few contacts.

Most people are kind but there are rude and difficult people here too. It's not unlike the real world because we're here online searching for satisfaction but these are the same people we could meet anywhere (maybe even at work).

I like introductions here on AdultFriendFinder because since originally we're anonymous we feel free to be open and sexy whereas in the real world most of us don't approach persons we work with or other professionals. We're sometimes afraid or intimidated but here it's different. When me meet in person we're ready to explore our fantasies and go wild. Passion is rampant and it’s the makings of excellent sex.

warmguy2329 59M

2/24/2005 6:35 pm

Very true indeed !

manupforall 58M

2/24/2005 7:01 pm

Yep, this place is great.
True there are rude and undesirable people here but they are everywhere.

Here you can say what you like and ask for what you want.
There is a good chance of finding someone else who is a match.

There are lots of us who play in central FL but most are keeping it quiet out in meatspace.

Hey, the blogs are fun but don't forget the interest groups. They are a great way to connect with people who share common (or uncommon) interests.

u4bang2 55F

2/24/2005 8:28 pm

Hi Manupforall, I agree with you. I've joined a few interest groups and have met a few people who are real and not pretentious. My social life was nil before my membership here but now it's alive and interesting.
Yes, I agree again...this is a great way to meet or decide not to meet people.

ShavenStud05 43M

2/24/2005 8:52 pm

I find that the interest groups, along with chatrooms for each group are far better than the regular chatrooms. There seems to be too much meet market going on in the regular rooms. But I agree that AdultFriendFinder is a great place to meet people.

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