Is age really a difference?  

txturkey75904 72M
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7/8/2005 4:26 pm

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6/27/2006 1:45 pm

Is age really a difference?

Love to hear from everyone, but most interested in the female perspective.

rm_sexyktexan80 36F

9/18/2005 9:13 pm

In my opinion. I have found that men can be like fine wine. They get better with age. However, age is an issue due to that place you are in your like versus someone my ripe age of 25.

sensualtouches3 45M

1/28/2006 11:41 pm


The primary difference is in the 'generation gap'. As you get older, this isn't nearly as pronounced. But, if you're in your 40's, and dating a girl in her 20's... yeah... BIG difference!
But, at your 60's and her 40's? Not so big a deal.

maturity level... This one is a bit odd due to the fact that I've met some pretty damn immature people in their late 40's. And then some people who were amazingly mature in their early 20's.

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