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txhootersgal 32M/33F
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3/20/2006 4:49 pm

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4/1/2006 1:01 pm

Looking for more Women

Hey girls and guys. Well Vanessa hasn't been able to drink for the last two weeks and she won't be able to this week. So next weekend we are definetly getting out of the house and partying. Last time we went to Iniquity we had a good time, so I think we are going to go out there again maybe next Saturday. So that means we would love to meet another woman or two to go with us and enjoy a fun night and maybe more. Well if you are a female and interested let us know we would love the company. Just email us and we will get back with you look forward to your responses.

curiousplayin 50F
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3/21/2006 12:37 pm

Only been with a friend of mine, while we were drinking, problem is I realllly loved it and the opportunity hasn't came up again. Any suggestions on how to go about it?

txhootersgal replies on 3/21/2006 8:09 pm:
It seems when people drink, both males and females drink they always show their true side. It always seems that women experiment with ofther females after a few drinks. That was the first time I had kissed a female. So if she is a close friend and everything went good that night I think she would be interested in doing it again. Think, you enjoyed it but alittle nervous to comment on it to her just because it's new a new feeling to you. So she probably liked it as much as you did but is also alittle nervous and probably don't know how to bring it up. So what I would do is next time you are out with her and alittle small talk has past sneak it in there. Like say "Hey remember the other night when we kissed(or whatever) what did you think about that?" Depending on her response "Well I enjoyed the new experince, if was a lot of fun, wouldn't mind if it happened again." After that the foundation is set and the ice is broke. That way you will know if she is open to playing every once in awhile. That is how I took my first experience, trust me I had so many different thought but it was fun and I knew I wanted to do it again. Worst thing she can do is say it was a one time thing and you can move on and find another HOT chick to play with. Well let me know how it goes would love to hear the follow up story. Good Luck!!!!

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