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7/8/2005 10:07 am

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Large Lust

I posted this in one of the groups when I was signed up a while back, before that account was deleted. Figured this is as good way to start this off, too.


Hot days cooling down to sultry nights. I was out with some friends while vacationing. Got seperated from the guys after a taxi mixup, and ended up staying late at a weird dance club/bar in town. There was a handful of younger girls dancing and some stragglers around the bar, but there was only one woman that I couldn't stop looking at. She was heavy but lusciously round, dressed modestly hot and confident for a night out. I couldn't ignore her great round breasts and ass, and the fabulous curves that never stopped. She was also the only woman I saw that looked sharp and fun to be with.

She had stunning eyes, smooth blonde hair and beautiful hands. (I've always loved women with gorgeous, well-cared for hands. When I was younger, I had a short affair with a married woman who loved to tease me by sliding her ring finger into her ass, from dark nail right to the wedding ring, while I watched. Then when she licked my come off that ring, my hands fetish was set for life.) We checked each other out for a while and then started talking.

Pretty soon, we were sharing a cab back to her hotel. We had a couple drinks and then headed down to enjoy the deserted pool in the dead of night.

I stripped down and got in the warm water, but she was shy about taking her clothes off in front of me. I turned around while she stripped down to underwear and slid in the water. She was a little nervous and swam to the edge of the pool near me, looking out at the scenery. We talked slowly as I swam up behind her and gently put my arms around her waist. She was so soft and supple - I felt like I could just sink into her. I'd already been excited, but that simple contact was charged. I kissed the back of her neck and she turned to face me. Her eyes and shy smile were beautiful and I was happy to discover that she was a great kisser as well. Her lips were as soft and full as the rest of her body, and we easily spent an hour just making out, slowly getting more wet and intense, pulling back to look at each other, and laughing whenever one of us made a timid or wrong move.

But we were both incredibly hot by now, and we started to grind against each other a little harder every minute. I was running my hands all over her, totally mermerized by all her flesh. I couldn't get enough, and kept reaching down to grab as much of her chunky ass as I could, getting harder with every handful. I bent my face down and submerged it between her breats, kissing everything that touched my lips. I think I gasped as I slipped one amazing breast out of her bra, and she smiled. I asked if her nipples were senstitive, and she pushed my head down so that one was in my mouth. She'd kiss me hard, then push my head down to her neck or chest so I could use my mouth more fully.

When I finally slipped a hand down to her pussy, she daintily said 'I'm hairless' and I slipped a finger right in her. It was like she was made for my hand - her lips fit perfectly between my fingers, and I don't think I've ever run my hand over a more smooth, perfect, thick pussy. Obviously, I'm still fantasizing about it. I'd give anything to bury my face in her right now. She grabbed me, too, and we slowly stroked each other. We didn't have any protection with us, so we kissed like kids and groped and worked each other up into a frenzy.

Finally we were discovered, both of us stroking each other fast, and we had to break it up. We got to get out of the pool relatively unembarassed, but between the fact that she was sharing a room and a couple other factors, we had to split up, and didn't get to have as much fun as I knew we would have had. I settled for laying back in bed when I got back to my room, and slowly stroking while thinking about her luscious body. I came so hard and so long that it was almost painful. I splashed myself in the face, and soaked the pillowcase next to me, but it just wasn't as good as I knew it would have been with her.

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