Here is my story for the day..hope you enjoy it  

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Here is my story for the day..hope you enjoy it

I wrote this for a girlfriend, who had a fantasy about her girlfriend who lives next door to her.

It was becoming hot and muggy as the gentle evening breeze was slowly dying down, making it felt like you were in a sauna as you trimmed off the last spent rose and tossed it into your little wheelbarrow. Pulling out the big blue bandana that was tucked in the hip pocket of your kaki shorts, you wipe the burning sweat from your eyes as you stand there admiring your rose garden, and feeling the satisfaction of knowing all of your hard labor was well worth the effort. As you watch a large bumblebee chasing a little honeybee away from a pink rose, your hands move down to the bottom of your sweat soaked t-shirt, pulling it away from your tummy and waving it quickly, trying to get a little air flowing up your t-shirt, to cool you off. Your efforts are in vain as you realize the only way you’re going to relieve yourself from the heat is to take a cool shower.

“A shower!!!! Damn, Jim is going to be here any minute. We’re supposed to go dancing tonight,” you suddenly think. “Ok girl, get your butt moving” you say to yourself as you grab the wheelbarrow and start heading for the garden shed at the back of the house. You turn the corner to the shed entrance and give the wheelbarrow a little extra shove, sending it sliding towards the privacy fence,,, then hearing it thump against the fence as you reach down and turn on the drip line to your rose garden. As you stand back up, your head starts to spin and your eyes see little flashes of light twinkling. Quickly you grab the work counter and lower your head, realizing the heat has gotten to you. Your ears start humming, silencing the world around you, and then feel the sweat dripping in slow motion from your face as you try to keep your legs from giving out beneath you.

Finally, your head starts to clear after what seem to be an eternity, and as you slowly push yourself away from the counter, you feel a mans strong arm come around your tummy and the other around your chest pulling you back against him, and a soft whisper saying, “You over did it again, didn’t you kitten?” You snuggle against him feeling secure in his grasp as you tilt your head back and whisper “Hi honey.” Your hands comes up to his arm wrapped around your chest, and give it a welcome squeeze as you feel his lips kissing your neck. Then you hear Jim say, “Mmmmmmm nice and salty, just the way I like my meat seasoned.” You slap his arm playfully and while trying to squirm away from him, you plead, “Jim,,, let me go honey. I need to jump in the shower and get cleaned up.”

Jim replies quickly, “One shower coming up” and releases his bear hug on you. “Now lets get you out of these cloths” he tells you as his hands reach down and grip the bottom of your t-shirt at each side of your hips. Your protests to stop go unheeded as you feel the wet t-shirt peeling from your belly and then the back of his hands under your arms, pushing them up, as he continues pulling your t-shirt upwards. To weak to resist, your arms move up above your head and feel the t-shirt come over your soaked bra and then over your head, popping your wet pony tail back down against your neck. Then his hands unclasping your bra and his fingers run up the straps to your shoulders pulling them off and forward, releasing your full shapely breasts.

His hands come over your shoulders, tossing your bra to the counter, then continuing down to the sides of your breasts and cupping them as his fingers begin kneading towards your nipples. Your heart starts beating faster with the anticipation of his fingers reaching your now erect large light brown nipples, but as he gentle massages your breasts, teasingly avoiding them, he whispers in your ear, “Mmmmmm, not bad for an old broad.” Your hands reaches back to his crouch, giving him a playful squeeze and whispering back, “And your still hung pretty good too,,,,, for an old worn out mule.” He laughs and his hands come away from your breasts and back up to your shoulders pushing you gently forward, causing your hands to release their hold on him and reach for the work counter for support.

You feel his hands come down to your shoulder blades and then forward under your arms to your breasts, and his fingertip’s stopping again, just before they reach your erect nipples. Then tipping his fingertips inward he draws them back, letting his fingernails trace the contours of your breast. Your nipples ache for his hands to come back, but when you feel them gliding down to your hips, and you lease out with, “You teasing bastard.” You hear him laughing to himself as you feel him pulling the bandana out of your hip pocket, and then his hands reach around, grabbing yours and pulling them up behind your head. “What are you doing?” you ask, as you feel the bandana being wrapped around your wrists. “Just getting you ready for your shower young lady” he says as he ties a knot in the bandana. Then suddenly he lifts you by your wrist, and as you stand on your tiptoes looking up, you see him force the knot of the bandana through the plant holder hook in one of the sheds rafters. When he releases your wrists, the bandana stretches allowing you to stand flatfooted on the sheds concrete floor.

You try to free the bandana, but to no avail, the knot is firmly planted in the hook. So you cease your struggling and twist yourself around to see Jim leaning against the shed wall grinning at you. A smile comes to your face and you ask, “What now? Are you going to water me like a plant?” and he replies “Something like that.” He moves to you, and his hands reach down, undoing the button of your kaki shorts, and then unzips them. His hands easily remove your loose fitting shorts as you feel them sliding over your shapely hips and falling to the floor. Then he leans forward, lightly kissing your forehead, then your eyes and the tip of your nose, and then to your sun parched lips. His lips leave yours, moving to your neck as he continues kissing you, working his way down to your breasts.

His kisses stop as he cups your right breast, and then you feel the tip of his tongue lightly circling, teasing your erect nipple. You try to press forward, wanting him to take it between his lips and caress it with his tongue, but his hands hold you firmly in place and he continues his teasing by flicking his tongue quickly over the tip of your nipple. “Ohhhhh, you teasing bastard” you moan as you try to pull away from his tormenting tongue, and upon hearing that he stops. Looking down at him, you see him looking back up at you with an ornery gleam in is eyes, and saying softly “Oh kitten, I haven’t even begun to tease you yet.” Then grabbing your hips he spins you around so that your back is to him. Lowering himself to one knee, his hands slowly start pealing your panties down over your cheeks, and begins to playfully bite them as they become exposed. Your hips try to jerk forward but his hands holding your thighs prevents you from escaping as he continues his nibbling, moving from one cheek to the other while you squirm in his grasp.

His teasing stops, then you feel him plant a big smacking kiss on one cheek and then the other, and then lowers the panties down your long muscular legs to your feet. He reaches down to your ankle and lifts your foot slightly off the ground as the other hand pulls the heel of your shoe down and off, then the sock, and the panties and shorts quickly follow. After Jim strips everything from the other foot, you watch him gather your cloths and toss them on the work counter, and then starts to removing his own clothing. You watched with wanting eyes as he undresses his lean muscular body, and as he tosses the last article clothing next to yours on the counter, your eyes focus in on his well-endowed cock hanging freely in front of you. The memories of his cock, thrusting deep inside of you, sending pleasure sensation shooting through your body, has your canal dripping, as you hang there squirming.

But that is short lived, as you see him reach for the hose and turns the water on. “Time for your shower” he says, raising the hose above your head, and you close your eyes just as you feel the cool water coming down over your forehead and face. While the water runs down and over your body, you feel Jim’s hand removing the band holding your ponytail, and then his fingers running thought your shoulder length auburn hair while he directs the water over your head. As the water runs down, cooling your body and relieving you from the humid heat, you moan to Jim “Oh god that feels good” and then tipping your head back so that the water runs down your face again.

Jim crimps the hose, stopping the water and says softly to you “Ready to cool the inside off?” and you feel his hand moving down across your tummy to your trimmed Venus mound and parting your lips. Then you feel the spout of the hose moving back and forth between your lips and your juices quickly lubricate it, allowing the spout to enter easily as he gently inserts into your passage. Then you feel the sensation of the cool water forcing its way in as Jim slowly release his grip on the crimped hose. The sensation sends chills running through your body as your canal quickly fills and the water flows out and down your legs. Then, with his hand still parting your lips, he pulls the hose free and aims the flow of water directly over your pleasure button. It quickly hardens from the sensation of the water pulsating against it, and as the pleasure starts to grow, you moan softly “Oh yes honey, yessssssss.” The water vibrating your button quickly brings you to your first orgasm, and as you cry “Again pleassssse”,,,,, Jim brings the hose away and laughing says “Noooooo kitten,,,, you snuck that one by me.”

As you watch Jim rise from between your legs and his eyes focusing on the shed entrance, you ask, “What’s this, your version of the Chinese water torture treatment?” Before Jim can reply, you hear a woman’s voice behind you saying, “It sure looks that way to me. Need any help Jim?” An ornery grin comes to Jim face, and replies while looking back at you, “Sure Kathleen, I can always use an extra pair of hands with this little Venus flytrap.” You swing your body around to see your neighbor Kathleen standing at the shed entrance wearing only a tank top and cut off jean shorts, covering her petite body. She takes a step forward and removes her tank top, revealing her small but firmly pointy breasts, which are highlighted by her large pink nipples. As you watch her remove her shorts, exposing her shaved pubic area, an unexpected feeling of excitement comes over you, and your heart starts beating faster. Over the years you have thought from time to time what her body looks like, and,,,,, what it would feel like pressed against yours, caressing you. But because she had always been straight laced when around you, and never a hint from her about being intimate, you kept those feelings suppressed, for fear of loosing a friend for unwanted advancements.

Now you realize that your fears were for not, as you watch her eyes, lustfully caressing your body. Then she steps to you, taking your face in her hands, her lips parted and gently kisses you. Your eyes close as you respond, returning her kiss and her flickering tongue with yours. Then her lips leave yours and as you open your eyes you hear her say, “Ok Jim, are you ready?” Jim’s reply, “You bet, one torture treatment coming up” and then you feel the water start running down your face and over your body again. You close your eyes and feel Kathleen’s hands lightly washing your face as the water flows over you, and then her hands moving down your neck, to your shoulders. Her touch is light and sensitive, and as her hands reach the top of your breast, she slowly slides them to the side of each, cupping them, and her tongue begins licking your nipples. The sensation from her tongue and the cool water, have your nipples fully erect and aching to be touched. Her tongue stops, and then rising to her toes she presses her hard nipples to yours, and her hands begin moving your breasts so that your nipples circle hers. Then as her fingers squeeze both hers and yours together, you hear Kathleen’s moans of pleasure, and when she squeezes harder, and you cry out “Yessssssss” as the sensation in your nipples sends a wave of pleasure thought your body.

For several seconds after Kathleen had released her grip, all you’re aware of is the sensation in your nipples and oblivious to everything around you, until you hear the clank of the hose nozzle hitting the floor. With Jim’s hands now free, they start sliding down the sides of your body to your hips. Slowly exploring the contours of your body, they continue down the sides of your thighs, then up the back of them to your shapely cheeks. You feel Kathleen’s hands moving down over tummy to your trimmed little bush and start to massage your pubic area. As you spread your legs to allow her hand access, you feel Jim’s semi erection sliding down between your cheeks, his shaft slowly rubbing your back door as he slides forward, sending another exciting pleasure sensation through your body.

With your legs spread, Kathleen’s hand slides easily between your thighs, taking hold of Jim’s growing cock and guiding it forward, pressing it between your wet lips, then sliding the head and shaft over your button. As Jim slides the head of his cock slowly back, Kathleen drops to her knees, her fingers parting your lips and pulling the hood back exposing your swollen button. Her soft lips draw your button in, sucking it as she pulls back and finally releases it, then her tongue enters your dripping passage, feeling it curl and twist, exploring inside as you push your hips to down to her eager tongue.

As Kathleen’s tongue leaves your canal and begins licking your button again, Jim’s cock starts sliding forward between your soaked lips. Then you feel the head of his cock pushing her tongue away from your swollen button, and seconds later hear Jim moaning “Oh yessssssss.” You quickly look down between your breasts to see Kathleen’s lips drawing Jim’s cock in, and feel his shaft rubbing your button as he slowly moves it forward to Kathleen’s egger lips. You feel Jim’s cock pulsating from her sweet torture, and then as he slides it back, away from Kathleen’s lips, you feel your button pop over the crown of his now erect cock, and another orgasm building from the sensation. As he passing it back between your lips, bringing the head slowly past your little entrance, then continuing up between the cheeks of your ass, you hear Kathleen say, “Mmmmm you taste good Annie. Want a taste honey?”

As two of her fingers enter your canal, you moan “No,,,,,, You,,,,, taste you” and then you feel her other hand trailing down your thigh to the top of your knee and then away. As you imagine her fingering herself, you feel her tongue return to your button, while the other hand still continues fingering your canal. And as Jim’s cock slides back down between your cheeks, and slowly begins to massage your little entrance with the head of his cock, you hold back the urge to climax again. Seconds later, you fell Kathleen’s hand return, moving up between your breasts, and you tilt your head down to meet her extended fingers. Your lips part, drawing her warm, damp fingers in, and as you lick the sweet honey from her fingers, she moans, vibrating your button, sending the second wave of pleasure shooting through your body.

Your pleasure is interrupted when you feel Jim freeing the bandana from the hook and as he brings your arms slowly down, you realize that they are numb and whimper “Oh shit” as you feel the burning, tingling sensation running down them. As you lean back against Jim, Kathleen quickly rises and unties the bandana from your wrist, allowing your arms to fall uncontrollably to your side, and then taking your face in her hands, kisses you gently. The kiss becomes more passionate as you both taste your own sweet honey from each other’s lips. Your hands still tingling reach for her waist, and try to move up her back to embrace her, but your arms still numb are unable to in-circle her. So your hands glide down to her hips, and your fingers squeeze the firm cheeks of her ass.

Kathleen’s lips slowly pull away for yours, and with her eyes fixed on yours as she licks her lips, she responds to your hands on her cheeks by slowly grinding her shaved pubic area against yours. Jim’s hands cup your breasts, his fingers kneading them so they rub against Kathleen’s erect nipples, then when he feels both pairs of nipples together he gently rolls them between his fingers and squeezes them. You squeal “Yesssssss” and then start rotating your hips to Kathleen’s grinding motion and Jim’s erection standing up between the cheeks of your ass.

And as you feel another warm sensation building, Kathleen pulls away, and looking over your shoulder to Jim says, “Ohhhhh, my Jim,,,,, I think she’s ready now.” Jim agrees and his hands come down to the back of your thighs grasping them firmly, then pulls your legs up, spreading them, allowing Kathleen’s eyes full view of your private area. Your back slides easily up Jim’s chest as he lifts you higher, freeing his cock from between your cheeks. Kathleen’s hand quickly reaches for Jim’s cock and guides it between your swollen lips as he slowly starts to lower you back down. You feel the head of Jim’s big cock spreading your tight dripping passage as he enters, the crown sliding easily against your silky smooth walls, and as you tighten your canal around him, you hear him tell Kathleen, “Ohhhhh your so right, she is more than ready.”

Kathleen’s hands cup your breasts from the sides, squeezing them together so that your nipples are within easy access of one another as her tongue circles one, and then the other. Then, as Jim slowly begins to lift and lower you over his shaft, penetrating a little deeper each time, Kathleen gives each of your nipples a little teasing bite and then lowers herself to your exposed swollen button. Her tongue begins to circling it lightly, teasing it as it extends from the hood strength back from for your legs being spread. Then as Jim starts lifting and lowering you faster on his shaft, and felling Kathleen’s tongue pressing firmly against it each time it passes in front of her, you fight to hold back the sensation building. You want to feel Jim’s cock deeper inside of you, but Jim feeling your hips trying to press down on him, restrains your desires. Your hands reach down to Kathleen’s head, grabbing her hair, and trying to hold her close to your button as Jim bounces you up and down his shaft. You can’t hold off the feeling growing between your legs as they continue their rhythmic motions, and you cry out, “Now Jim,,,,, pleasssssse”, but instead of thrusting his cock farther in, he holds you still, allowing Kathleen’s lips to draw your button between them and her tongue to flicker over it. Her massage triggers your release, and you squeeze Jim’s cock as your hips jerk uncontrollable and you cry out “Yesssssssssss.” Then just seconds after releasing your sweet nectar, and the waves of pleasure still shooting through you, Jim suddenly brings your hips down, and thrusts deep inside you. His cock buried to the hilt, sending a new sensation shooting though your body as he holds you tight against him, pressing the head of cock against your G-spot. You try to cry out, but you can’t catch your breath. Every muscle in your body tightens from the sensation as you feel yourself squirting again and again while you press down against Jim, locking his cock in your quivering passage, and not wanting the pleasure to stop.

When the pleasure finally fades and your body starts to relax, you suddenly feel little tremors shoot through your body as you feel Jim’s cock quivering within you. You hear him moan and look down to see Kathleen licking the liquids of your violent orgasm dripping down the base of Jim’s cock. Then licking her lips, she sits down on the floor, leaning back with her arms behind her and looks up at you and says, “My God Annie,,,, I would love to cum like that.” You tilt your face back to Jim’s and whisper, “Jim honey, I love feeling you inside me, but you need to put me down, please.” Without saying a word, Jim lifts you free, then lowering you to stand on your own, and steadies you as you regain the strength in your legs.

You offer your hand to help Kathleen rise, and as she accepts and comes to her feet, you tell her, “It’s your turn now Kathleen” and kiss her softly. Then you quickly grab the cloths that were piled on the work counter, and turn to her and say, “Lets go inside, and get out of this heat.”

Jim, still standing at full attention, and leaning back against the counter, swings his arms outward with his fingers flared apart and asks, “Hey,, What about me?”

You laugh and watch Kathleen quickly grab the bandana off the floor and then wrap her little hand around Jim’s erection, and as she pulls him towards the shed entrance to follow you, she holds up the bandana in front of his eyes, and with a wicked voice, tells him, “Oh don’t worry Jimmy……. Your turn will come.”

As you open the back door of the house and look back to see them scurrying naked across the backyard from the shed to the door, a little smile come to your face, and you chuckle to yourself “I don’t think I have to worry about getting dressed to go dancing tonight.”

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4/2/2005 6:21 am

Doll, you know how to write. Not only is the topic a very interesting one, you present it in a way that makes it more erotic. I will continue to check your blog!


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4/2/2005 6:36 am

Great story twohotblonde, I had the feeling I was there with yal. Give your friend Kathleen a bandana for me.

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