the chill is gone  

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1/2/2006 5:37 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the chill is gone

finally have a good fire going
melting some butter in a pan i toss in some left over angel hair pasta and come back to the bedroom and put this page on the screen

i have been laying sideways on my my bed for almost three days, logged on unless outside for brief surveys, my left elbow is getting callused from leaning on it and yet i logged back in. the dogs all give their "not again" look, but its still dark outside so no guilt for being on here while i could be doing other things that i should, yet.

i'm eating noodles with a shrimp fork
the parmesan helps them sick to the fork
maybe i should some of the last three day's dishes
unfortunatly some of the water lines near the house are broken and/or under a pile of new gravel--i have new line and connecters, no big deal--the problem, as i see it, is that my intake is above a small water fall in the creek, i must wade a creek to get to it, and when i get to it,the water may, probably is too high to do much about whatever the problem is or even find it

should theoretically have a tank of water waiting fill the lines unless the line snapped off and drained it. sounds like a daylight project to me

only have 24-48 hours of gas for the generator which is okay but i am out of milk and need to do a store run. i need to get these various piles of wet clothes into the washer, fix the tarps on the motorhomes, replace the poly on the greenhouse, build one more levy, fill in 20 feet of washed out road, get to town and see some folks, i need to do so many things

i think i'll go back to bed

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